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Viral Video Shows Store Clerk Calling out Man Posing as Manager on Intercom; Internet Reacts

At a 99 Cents Only Store, chaos ensued when an individual falsely claimed to be the manager and spread misinformation about an ongoing sale.
Cover Image Source: @jamilorraine | TikTok
Cover Image Source: @jamilorraine | TikTok

Spats between customers and staff at stores, restaurants, and salons aren't a new occurrence, but since the rise of social media, they have been highlighted, gone viral, and even become the subject of wider debates. At a 99 Cents Only Store, chaos ensued when an individual falsely claimed to be the manager and spread misinformation about an ongoing sale. With the situation escalating, the actual manager intervened to set the record straight. In the video, Jami (@jamilorraine) documented the manager's announcement, clarifying that the individual posing as the boss was not authorized to do so.

Image Source: jamilorraine |TikTok
Image Source: @jamilorraine |TikTok

In a bold move, Jami also threatened to involve law enforcement if the impostor continued with the deception. Despite the tense situation, onlookers found the scenario amusing, as evidenced by the reactions captured in the video.

The video gained significant traction, especially given the recent announcement of the closure of all 300+ 99 Cents Only stores. This news saddened loyal customers, particularly in California, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada, who cherished the store for its budget-friendly deals.

But despite the incident, shoppers can take advantage of substantial discounts offered by several businesses before the closures. Even stores like the one depicted in Jami's video, which had yet to commence their sale, will offer markdowns.

Mike Simoncic, the company's interim CEO, cited various challenges such as the pandemic, shifts in consumer behavior, theft, price hikes, and financial issues as factors contributing to the decision to close. "This was an extremely difficult decision and is not the outcome we expected or hoped to achieve," he said.

Shoppers go to a 99 Cents Only Store on April 7, 2004 in Bakersfield, CA. Cover Image Source: Getty Images|Photo by Roger Hornback
Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Roger Hornback

In response to Jami's video and the impending closure, many individuals suggested that the individual impersonating the manager should aim higher and adopt a more corporate demeanor. "Dude could have done a better job, this is so funny," wrote a user. "Maybe wear a black tie and a coat next time. HAHAHAHAH," commented another.

Meanwhile, employees of 99 Cents Only stores described the situation as bizarre since the closure announcement, with customers becoming increasingly agitated over pricing issues.

Image Source: jamilorraine |TikTok
Image Source: @jamilorraine |TikTok

In an incident that paints a different picture, a man was promoted to assistant manager at their local 99 Cents Only store, only to be abruptly let go shortly afterward. It seems that employees were left in the dark regarding the reasons behind their sudden termination.

Reflecting on the chaotic atmosphere, one viewer commented, "Stores have been bustling since the announcement of the sale and impending closure."

Image Source: jamilorraine | TikTok
Image Source: @jamilorraine | TikTok

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass declared on Friday that the city will offer informational support to 99 Cents Only workers facing job loss due to the impending closure of the discount chain's stores. This assistance will cover employees at the company's over 30 stores within the city.

Last week, 99 Cents Only Stores announced its decision to shut down all locations and cease operations after a 42-year run. "We must do all we can to support Angelenos during this difficult time," Mayor Bass emphasized.

@jamilorraine I'm gonna miss the 99 so much!! but damn people act right. #99centstore ♬ original sound - jami

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