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Man Goes Beyond Dating Apps; Pays for Billboards to Advertise His Desire to Find a Companion

Love has no boundaries! Delve into the controversial story where a 70-year-old man makes headlines searching for love in old-age
Cover Image Source: Pexels|Photo by  Cottonbro Studio
Cover Image Source: Pexels|Photo by Cottonbro Studio

Be it getting on dating apps to find love, or socializing or relying on grand gestures that may go viral on social media, people use every possible avenue to find companionship in life. Amidst a surge in cases of people being scammed while looking for love online, the story of a 70-year-old man who has been single since 2015 has come as a breath of fresh of air. He was so fed up of his loneliness, that he decided to put up a massive billboard and spent $400 a week in search of a girlfriend.

Image Source: Pexels|Photo by RDNE Stock project
Image Source: Pexels|Photo by RDNE Stock project

Al Gilberti who also has a son from his previous marriage went one step ahead when it came to putting himself out there, and put his image on the 20-foot billboard which said, "Lonely Male Can Relocate Sweetwater and Seeks Female Marriage Minded, Enjoys Karaoke". Following this experiment, Gilberti revealed that "I've gotten over 400 calls and maybe 40 or 50 emails in just over two weeks. I have the calls redirected to a friend's phone. It's been more inquiries from people who are looking to gain something from me - which I get, I'd probably do the same! People were enquiring thinking I was someone rich to help with their bills!". Considering the response, Gilberti is pretty optimistic that he will find his 'Miss Perfect' soon and is not ready to lose any hope.

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Gilberti doesn't have a long list of requirements but does expect loyalty, honesty, and sincerity as the three necessary traits. Gilberti further added that he would, "not mind moving 'as far as the UK' if he finds the partner of his dreams. If I meet the right person, I want to look at their eyes and see how they respond. I'd go to Europe to meet someone; I just need to get my passport sorted. I love Europe and I would probably go there - why not? I'm looking for someone that's slim built and looks wise I don't really mind". Al adds, "I just want someone loyal; I want someone honest about themselves and someone sincere, that's going to be coming into something they really want to be in".

Mr. Gilberti shared how he enjoyed being with a younger partner and doesn't really mind if he finds such a companion. He reveals that he was once attached to someone who was 26 years younger than him. On this note, he shares his broad-minded opinion and says, "I think everybody is kind of lonely - If it's not someone that you're with on a steady basis then you're by yourself". Gilberti also mentioned that he is open-minded and a good listener who loves to enjoy karaoke with his partner. Mentioning this, Al says, "I can offer someone that's going to listen. I have a retirement income, I'm in good shape, I don't look my age and I'm open. A lot of seniors are close-minded, I'm not".