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Crypto Influencer Exposes Market Maker Tactics for Traders

Rekt Fencer reveals market maker strategies, emphasizing caution for traders. Social media's impact on prices and influencer credibility highlighted.
Cover Image Source: Unsplash | Photo by Marga Santoso
Cover Image Source: Unsplash | Photo by Marga Santoso

In a viral thread on social media, pseudonymous cryptocurrency influencer Rekt Fencer has shed light on the intricate strategies employed by market makers (MMs), providing valuable insights for traders aiming to navigate the volatile crypto markets.

Fencer's analysis delineates between two fundamental categories of market makers: Traditional Market Makers and Project Advisor Market Makers. Traditional Market Makers primarily concentrate on established projects boasting significant market capitalization. They serve a crucial function by providing liquidity and depth to the market, thereby fostering smooth and efficient trading operations. Moreover, these entities are instrumental in devising trading strategies for token unlocks, which contributes to overall market stability.

On the other hand, Project Advisor Market Makers play a different role within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. They are actively involved in assisting projects with fundraising endeavors, providing liquidity specifically on decentralized exchanges, and formulating strategies aimed at influencing token prices. This category of market makers operates with a focus on the strategic development and positioning of tokens within the market, often working closely with project teams to achieve their objectives.

Unsplash | Photo by Maxim Hopman
Unsplash | Photo by Maxim Hopman

A key point highlighted by Fencer is the role played by market makers in facilitating trading activities on exchanges. They accomplish this by consistently providing bids and asking for tokens, profiting from the spread between these prices while assuming the risk of holding assets. The influencer explains how market makers wield their influence over token prices through various manoeuvres, including pumps, dumps, and distributions, depending on their objectives. During bullish cycles, they incite fear of missing out (FOMO) among traders, while in bear markets, they accumulate tokens at lower prices to sustain trading volume.

Understanding the presence and tactics of market makers is paramount for traders seeking to navigate the crypto markets effectively. Fencer emphasized the importance of analyzing price charts for indicators such as sharp pumps preceding significant news events, consistent increases in trading volume without corresponding price changes, and recurring patterns of pumps and dumps. However, investors are cautioned to remain vigilant against market-maker tactics, such as artificially pushing prices to new lows to instil fear among holders, only to witness swift price rebounds thereafter.

Unsplash | Photo by Kanchanara
Unsplash | Photo by Kanchanara

Fencer provided a case study involving DWFLabs, a market maker, and the cryptocurrency Floki (FLOKI/USD). After accumulating a substantial position over several months during a sideways market trend, DWFLabs orchestrated a pump that catapulted the token's value by a staggering 772% within just three weeks.

Floki, renowned for its volatility, has been likened to Shiba Inu (SHIB/USD) in its quest to rival its valuation. While the influence of market makers on the trading behaviour of Shiba Inu and other major cryptocurrencies remains uncertain, Fencer's insights shed light on their potential impact. The thread culminated in Fencer advising traders to capitalize on market dynamics by purchasing tokens during accumulation stages and selling during distribution phases, thereby maximizing potential profits.

Continuing from the insights provided by the Oxford Law Blog, it's evident that blindly following the advice of crypto influencers often leads to unfavorable investment outcomes. Moreover, the more an influencer claims expertise, the worse the financial repercussions tend to be. This alarming trend echoes concerns expressed by regulatory bodies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which have urged advisors to exercise heightened diligence in providing crypto recommendations. Emphasizing alignment with clients' best interests is paramount in safeguarding investors against potential losses.

The influence of social media on crypto prices is undeniable and has been extensively documented. High-profile tweets from individuals such as Elon Musk have directly influenced market movements, with substantial price fluctuations following their posts. This underscores the market's susceptibility to social media chatter and the potential for manipulation through these platforms.