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Woman Claims Delivery Driver Added Huge Tip to Order, Now She Can't Even Pay Rent

The video's caption by Molly reads, "Am I gonna have to press charges over $40? Cuz I'm petty enough." 
Cover Image Source: Woman was unable to pay rent due to a huge tip request | TikTok | @unpopularity101
Cover Image Source: Woman was unable to pay rent due to a huge tip request | TikTok | @unpopularity101

Scams come in various shapes and forms and sometimes some are more complicated than others. One woman took to TikTok to talk about how a delivery driver left her in so much financial trouble that she is now unable to pay the rent. Molly, @unpopularity101, talked about how she lost money after a pizza delivery driver allegedly added a large tip.

"Me, when I ordered a pizza and the driver illegally, added a tip large enough to f*** me over for rent after I told him I couldn’t afford to tip," the overlay text of the video read. Many social media users were shocked to hear about the situation asking her to take it up with the police.

"Go to the banks or sum. that’s def gotta be illegal," writes @awashburn79 while @spitefulstrawberry writes, "Dispute it with our bank?"

TikTok | @unpopularity101
TikTok | @unpopularity101

However, the video's caption by Molly reads, "Am I gonna have to press charges over $40? Cuz I'm petty enough." Another user commented, "$40 is ridiculous and you should press charges if needed but don't get delivery if you can't afford to tip at least 15%" to which Molly replied, "I normally tip extra when I have the money but this week I only had $20 and the delivery fee was $10 and I don’t have a car so I have no choice."

Her short video sparked debate in the comment section on the tipping culture of the country with a user @dothenut writing, "See this is why I won't tip."

b.rico | TikTok
b.rico | TikTok

Tipping requests have risen a lot in the past couple of years. One can find a jar or a screen that encourages you to pay. Businesses have also started to ask for unwarranted tips at times. With tip requests everywhere, evaluating how much or whether to tip may be difficult, in turn increasing tip fatigue. Tipping around 15% to 20% was always part of the American etiquette. However, businesses are suggesting customers leave the top as high as 40% sometimes.

As per Forbes Advisor, close to 75% of Americans are leaving excessively high tips after being prompted to do so, meanwhile just under one-third of Americans — 31%, to be exact — said they feel "pressure" to pay, via NY Post.

laureg | TikTok
laureg| TikTok

Therefore, even if you feel that you are safe if some delivery partner is not adding extra tips, you're not paying extra tips, then you may be exhibiting a disconnect from reality. Businesses are constantly trying to find ways to get you to pay more. For instance, Jack Sinanaj, who owns three locations of Empire Steak House in Midtown East, Midtown West, and Times Square, had opened up about adding an 18% gratuity to parties of all sizes right after the holidays, saying that the international tourists don't understand how the tipping culture works.


Am i really gonna have to press charges over $40? Cuz im petty enough

♬ silence. - sugamama

Meanwhile, people are taking to the internet to call out the various ways in which businesses are trying to get you to pay extra, whether by using pop-ups like "I noticed you didn’t leave a tip; I wanted to let you know that you can still leave one," or simply by adding the tipping screen in every step of the checkout.

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