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Meet the Woman who Tapped Into a Dozen Side Hustle to Earn $11,000 in 100 Days

She shared her whole journey day-wise, motivating her TikTok viewers to make the same move depending on their goals.
Cover Image Source: 26-year-old earned $11,000 in just 100 days through successful side hustles | TikTok | @jaclynmitchelll
Cover Image Source: 26-year-old earned $11,000 in just 100 days through successful side hustles | TikTok | @jaclynmitchelll

Gone are the days when a nine-to-five job was enough to achieve financial stability, as prices surging past wage hikes have prompted everyone to look for passive income through side hustles. Over time, side hustles have evolved into ventures that allow individuals to explore creativity and thrive on innovative solutions. Some people start a side hustle to earn an additional income to fulfill a dream that had been forgotten. Such a similar story happened with 26-year-old Jaclyn Mitchell who was saving for a down payment on their first home with her husband and ended up stacking up $11,000 in just 100 days.

Image Source: Unsplash|Photo by Viacheslav Bublyk
People are looking for alternative revenue sources (representative image) | Unsplash | Photo by Viacheslav Bublyk

She started off by breaking down the $10,000 savings goal and challenged herself to earn $100 in 100 days. She shared her journey online with a video every single day, motivating her TikTok viewers to make the same move depending on their goals. She hustled in a nonprofit day job but the times when she wasn't involved in that, she resorted to surveys, joined focus groups, and even played games online. By doing so, she ended up exploring a dozen side hustles to finish her challenge 11 days before the deadline by earning $11,000 in 100 days.

Jaclyn shares her savings journey through day-wise videos. Image Source: TikTok|@jaclynmitchell
Jaclyn shares her savings journey through day-wise videos | TikTok |@jaclynmitchelll

Mitchell shared her journey with CNBC saying, “It’s just been so surprising reminding myself that little bits of money make a big difference. It’s kind of an encouragement to think that even if you make $5 a day, $5 is way better than $0."

Mitchell also started sharing that can be useful for young people looking to earn income through side hustles. She mentioned a subreddit r/beermoney where people discuss innovative ways how to make extra cash.

Despite her success, Mitchell has seen a lot of hate and love in her comment section as people have different opinions regarding the type of side hustle, but she didn't let that bog her down. She believes that everybody has a particular set of strengths and they must play with it to take full benefit. Mitchell says, “Understanding that everyone is different is really helpful when you get into things like side hustles because it’s not one size fits all. Otherwise, everyone would be earning the same amount at the same rate." Leading by example, she has involved herself in data annotation requiring strong editing skills to understand data. But there are easier options too, such as the use of apps that pay you to play games.

Mitchell also advises fellow social media users against setting unrealistic goals for themselves, and she further goes on to add that her goal of making and saving $11,000 in 100 days required an enormous amount of hard work, dedication, and consistency. She usually spent 3-4 extra hours each day on her side hustles implying less time for her personal life which involves relaxing or meeting friends. She makes it a point that being realistic about your time and schedule is of the utmost importance.