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New York Lawyer Venmo Scammed of $2500 by Teenagers Gathering Funds for a Cause

Residents were alerted about this fraud in April by detectives from the city's First Precinct, who advised them to use caution when using phones.
Cover Image Source: Woman lose $2500 to a Venmo scam | Photo by Alex Green | Pexels
Cover Image Source: Woman lose $2500 to a Venmo scam | Photo by Alex Green | Pexels

A New York City resident was deceived and faced a loss of almost $2,000 via Venmo. This is what happened. A couple of youths approached Gabriela Martin, a lawyer in the Financial District park near Broadway and Liberty. They informed her that they were gathering funds for their athletic group. Though Martin didn't have any cash, she reasoned that she might be able to offer them a dollar or five when they mentioned Venmo. She thus consented. However, one of the youngsters took her phone as she opened the Venmo app. Martin recently posted her story on TikTok where it has received a lot of attention. Some claim to have fallen victim to the same scam.

Image Source: Photo by Pixabay | Pexels
Venmo scam (representative image) | Photo by Pixabay | Pexels

Martin felt problems coming on, worried that someone would take her phone. As the other teen continued to talk, one of the teenagers reached for her phone. Martin checked her app shortly after they left, seeing that $2,500 had been taken out of her account, per CBS News. Martin said, "It felt like a major moment, you know." According to the New York City Police Department, no one has been apprehended concerning Martin's case as of now, CBS New York was informed. They're still looking into it. Fortunately, Venmo has already paid Martin back.

Martin decided to warn others about the scam by posting a video on TikTok. "I feel really awful and uncomfortable about what happened," she shared in the video.

Her video has been watched by nearly 40,000 people. Not all the comments have been supportive, but she still believes it's important to share her story. "If I can stop this from happening to just one person, then making this TikTok was worth it," she said.

Martin invited other people who had been duped to contact her on TikTok. She said that she had a list of ten individuals who were targeted in the Financial District and that similar allegations had come in from other areas of the city, including Williamsburg. Residents were alerted about this fraud in April by detectives from the city's First Precinct, who also advised them to use caution when using their phones.

Image Source: Photo by Alex Green | Pexels
Bill payment scam (representative image) | Photo by Alex Green | Pexels

These days, scammers track the everyday actions of individuals as well as large corporations, acting when they are most vulnerable. ABC News reports that one person lost $13,000 after falling for a scam. The IT team sent a warning, advising everyone to exercise caution when dealing with these con artists who pose as experts in bill payment assistance. Mazher lost $13,000 after falling victim to the bill payment fraud. To help others avoid falling into the same traps, he told authorities his story. The way the scam operated was that the site would say the payment was canceled after a few days, even though it had promised to pay off his debts. Mazher lost $13,000 as his payments went unpaid before realizing he was being duped, and it took some time for him to understand this.