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Nanny Shares ‘Outrageous’ Messages Parents Have Sent Her About Her Job; Netizens Stand Up for Her

Some parents have offered to pay her through food and some have asked her to work 60 hours a week.
Cover Image Source: Nanny shares 'outrageous' messages sent by parents |  @lifeofsophiag | TikTok
Cover Image Source: Nanny shares 'outrageous' messages sent by parents | @lifeofsophiag | TikTok

When Sophia Pagliuca (@lifeofsophiag), a nanny for seven years, published some unsettling texts she had gotten from parent clients, it went viral on social media. South Carolina resident Sophia shared some of the notes her parents sent her in a TikTok video with 28,000 followers. She displayed screenshots of some of the worst ones without holding back. She wanted to be open about the messages parents frequently send her and other nannies. She also elaborately discussed her hourly pricing with clients. One parent, who was having problems filling the position, asked Sophia if she could work a 60-hour work-week. Sarcastically, Sophia questioned why they couldn't seem to find anyone.

Image Source: @lifeofsophiag | TikTok
Image Source: @lifeofsophiag | TikTok

Another parent was clear about how much they were willing to pay for the job, but they avoided talking about how many hours Sophia would work. They said, "Just so you know, I often cancel plans, so there might be times when we won't need you. But we don’t promise set hours if that's what you're expecting." Sophia saw this as a big problem because they weren't willing to guarantee her hours. She believes that guaranteed hours are important, so she said, "If you can't guarantee hours, then I'll have to say goodbye to the job."

She mentioned that many people have been asking her if she operates her business "under the table." One parent messaged her saying, "We've always paid under the table because we just use the tax money to provide benefits. So, if you're asking for the W-2, we won't be able to offer health insurance or paid days off... Personally, I think having paid time off and insurance is better than paying taxes haha!"

Pagliuca wrote in her comment that she used to get these messages frequently a few years back. "Do you think her boss forced her to pick between getting paid legally or having paid time off?" she said. "What a joke!" One parent suggested paying Pagliuca with food instead of money for staying out longer. "How about starting your Door Dash delivery earlier to cover the extra hour?" they proposed, leaving Pagliuca astonished. She found the request "truly outrageous" and firmly declined it at the time. She had also faced issues with parents when asking for gas money after driving their kids around.

"Wait, so you're saying you charge for driving them on top of your hourly rate?" a parent questioned. "I'm just confused because we're already paying you for that time you spend driving. Let me know if you can be flexible with that, as we didn't budget for that expense."

Image Source: @lifeofsophiag | TikTok
Image Source: @lifeofsophiag | TikTok

In her comment, she remarked, "It's crazy how some people try to manipulate you. She's not 'confused,' she just didn't want to pay." The comment section echoed with outrage on her behalf. "Using FOOD as payment?" one shocked person wrote. Pagliuca responded, "I was completely taken aback."

Image Source: @lifeofsophiag | TikTok
Image Source: @lifeofsophiag | TikTok

Others praised her for standing up for herself. "I think this kind of service isn't usually up for negotiation; either you can afford a nanny or you can't," someone commented. "I'd gladly pay extra if it meant my kids were well cared for." "Love the clear expectations and boundary setting," another added.

Image Source: @lifeofsophiag | TikTok
Image Source: @lifeofsophiag | TikTok

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Pagliuca shared how she began her career by babysitting while working another job. "One day, a family I had babysat for randomly came into the cafe where I worked, and I ended up serving them," she recalled. "By the end of their meal, I had my first nanny job — it was unconventional but a fun way to kickstart my career! I quit my cafe job and have been nannying ever since."

While acknowledging the benefits of her job, she highlighted one major downside that could make her reconsider a position. "The most frustrating thing is lack of respect," she emphasized. "This is a profession. Nannies are essential to many families! Too often, parents see nannying as just a side hustle for young women to earn some 'quick cash.' The best nanny jobs are ones where parents recognize the invaluable role a nanny plays."

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