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Social Media User Suspects McDonald's Cashier Had Overcharged, Turns Out She Was Right

The viral video which has logged more than 700k views.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @jrob772
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @jrob772

McDonald's has been in the news for their soaring prices for quite some time and now the workers are also finding new ways to charge more from the customers. This TikTok user jrob772 took to the popular video-sharing platform to accuse a McDonald's worker of overcharging her. The viral video which has logged more than 700k views, explains how she was overcharged after she pulled up to order three of the Big Breakfast meals which come with with pancakes, eggs, sausage, and hashbrowns.

TikTok | jrob772
TikTok | jrob772

After ordering, she was asked to pay $27, which Jill says wasn't right."I’m like, 'Something’s not right. I only wanted three,'" Jill tells the worker, who confirmed she only put in for three hashbrowns.

"We ring up the hashbrowns separately which is $5," the worker then tells her. Confused with the explanation, the creator goes on to ask if the hashbrowns are included in the Big Breakfast or if they are separate. The worker then tells her that while the hashbrowns are included, they need to be rung up separately. "So McDonald’s is price gouging, or they’re charging you more than what the sh*t is on the menu," Jill says.

The TikTok creator then went ahead and analyzed the situation and decided to order the same thing online and see for herself. Once she did place the order, the total came out to just $16.77, which was not only $3 less than the actual in-store price and about $10 less than what the worker was trying to charge. That sounds right, I don’t know what you were doing," Jill quips.

Many took to the video to write their views. One user alonzo_lerone writes, taking people back in time, "I remember when hashbrowns were 2 for a dollar lol. Those were the days," to which the OP replies, "Then days are long gone."

Many seemed familiar with these scams that happen only while buying from the store with some saying that they would not be buying from the store anymore. A user Gina, writes, "Only order with the app now," to which the OP replied, "Absolutely! They can’t uncharge on the app."

Rindi Hayes | TikTok
Rindi Hayes | TikTok

Another McDonald's worker took to the comment section to clarify that the outlets do not require you to ring the hashbrowns separately. "I've worked at like 4 different McDonald's in my life. and *never* have they had us ring the hash browns separate," writes EllyCleigh.

Many also talked about how they have stopped eating in McDonald’s, Jake Bowman writes, Wait, Hashbrowns are $2 now? That's crazy. I don't miss McDonald's at all," Sunshine wrote, "We quit eating at McDonald’s when a Bacon Egg & Cheese McGriddle became $8."

In another Reddit post, a user u/Alarmed-Gate-6764 took to the subreddit, r/legal, and posted a receipt along with the caption, "I think my local McDonald’s is overcharging customers. Something doesn’t seem right here. Help?"

Reddit | Alarmed Gate
Reddit | Alarmed Gate

"Today I stopped by McDonald’s for a quick breakfast and my usual total amount for my order seemed off. When I got home I inspected my receipt and I believe my subtotal should have been 6.34 with the 20 percent discount instead of 10.53. Are they allowed to do this?" he continues.

Many took to the thread affirming the poster's suspicion, with one user DefinitelySaneGary writing, "Yeah this is much more likely that the McDonald's employees are doing something wrong either because they don't care or because they weren't trained correctly."