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This UPS Driver Shared How Much He Gets Paid, and Now Everybody Wants to Apply

"Let's take a look at a UPS driver's pay slab," he says in the video.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @skylerleestutzman
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @skylerleestutzman

The UPS logo is omnipresent. The global leader in logistics serves over 11.5 million customers globally, so it's pretty clear that working for them can pay a lot. An average UPS Driver's hourly pay in the United States is approximately $23.23, which is around 33% higher than the national average. This TikTok user, (@skylerleestutzman) who is also a UPS driver took to the video-sharing platform to share with his viewers the amount of money he makes as a UPS driver in the US. "Let's take a look at a UPS driver's pay slab," he says in the video.

TikTok | @skylerleestutzman
TikTok | @skylerleestutzman

He begins by saying, "There's a couple of things you wanna know, one, union members with UPS are paid weekly. So these numbers are gonna reflected in weekly paychecks."

He then goes on to say, "The second thing that I want to talk about this pay slab is that I don't wanna mention it in any ill-mannered way. I simply love when I come across content creators, who share their pay slabs in their different working fields and the transparency of how their wages are broken down." He then goes on to show, that for a week his total earnings are $2,004, which becomes $1,313, after deductions.

After that, he shows the breakdown in which the hourly pay is around $44.260, with the overtime being $66, which makes the yearly total around $76,000. "There you go, hope you enjoyed it."

President_Ortiz | TikTok
President_Ortiz | TikTok

People in the comment section couldn't believe their eyes with many wanting to apply for the job. User @hannahrunge, writes, "I’m doing the wrong job – where are the applications," while another user, @jrsantos671 writes, "40 dollars an hour. Meanwhile, me fighting for my life making $15 an hour." Others couldn't get over the fact that the creator's tax deductions were close to $500, while a nurse talks about how they get paid only $32 per hour.

Many took to the comment section to talk about how the pay in the healthcare sector is way less than it should be. User

Bee, writes, "I’m disappointed with the way healthcare pays. I make only $14.55 an hour to work in a nursing home. I love my job but the pay is so bad :("

Pinballogist | TikTok
Pinballogist| TikTok

Some users also talked about how being a UPS driver takes loads of effort, with user @🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸, writing, "What people don’t realize is yes that’s decent money but it also involves actual work, lol. Hot, cold, rainy, snowy, icy it doesn’t matter. Gotta work." While user @Leesuh8908 writes, "And they deserve every penny. They work HARD."

To be considered for employment in UPS, one must be above 21 years and should have a valid driver's license, and no CDL. Apart from this, Department of Transportation physicals are also mandated. In addition to this, one must possess great customer service skills, and must also be a good truck driver. Apart from this, the applicant should be able to lift at least 70 pounds and must be legally entitled to work in the US.

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