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Amazon Employee Opens Up About Job Concerns, People Online Think She's Overreacting

While everyone dreams to work at Amazon, this TikToker reveals the harsh realities.
Cover Image Source: adoree.shyy | TikTok
Cover Image Source: adoree.shyy | TikTok

An Amazon employee uploaded a TikTok video discussing the less-than-ideal aspects of working in an Amazon warehouse. If you're looking for a job, especially before the holidays when many people buy online, you may have noticed ads for Amazon warehouse positions. In the TikTok video, Shy (username: adoree.shy) discusses how working at Amazon initially may appear to be a wonderful option, but later adds certain drawbacks. Some other TikTok viewers who saw her video didn't see these flaws as major issues.

Image Source: adoree.shyy | TikTok
Image Source: adoree.shyy | TikTok

Shy starts her video by showing herself wearing her Amazon work vest and looking at the camera. She sticks her tongue out and moves her phone around, playing a song that samples Justin Timberlake's "Suit and Tie." On the screen, she writes: "Everyone wants to work at Amazon until you find out..."

In the rest of the video, Shy quickly goes through all the not-so-good things about working for Amazon. She starts by mentioning something called "managers dtm."

Image Source: adoree.shyy | TikTok
Image Source: adoree.shyy | TikTok

This refers to "doing too much," which can have several implications depending on the context. Shy noted in the video's comments section that it might be seen both positively and negatively.

For example, in a relationship, you may want your spouse to be "doing too much" to demonstrate that they genuinely care about you, such as always wanting to spend time together or going out of their way for you. However, in Shy's instance at work, it appears that "dtm" is not seen positively. She probably means that her managers are being overly strict or nitpicky about how things should be done.

Shy also adds that working at Amazon only includes a 30-minute lunch break.

Amazon has previously been criticized for being overly rigid in sticking to schedules to fulfill its objectives. Back in 2019, there were reports that employees were skipping toilet breaks or even peeing in bottles to ensure deliveries were on time. Not only did delivery drivers skip restroom breaks, but warehouse workers were also accused of doing the same. According to a CNBC article dated January 2023, this issue has not been resolved, and federal officials have investigated how Amazon handles its employees. They said that warehouse workers had complained about not being able to take enough restroom or rest breaks and experiencing unfavorable consequences.

Another problem Shy has with working for Amazon is the long shifts, which are either 10-hour shifts or 11-hour shifts with overtime. It's another reference to the demanding workload that many Amazon employees encounter once they start working there.

Shy also brings up another issue with break periods, stating, "You get two 15-minute breaks, but they're really only 10 minutes." As she dances in front of the camera, the video ends.

Others thought the job was worthwhile, citing the good compensation despite the hard hours. One user @mark remarked, "Amazon is a good paying and easy job; you just have to be willing to work 10-11 hours a day, but it's worth it for a short-term job.Image Source: adoree.shyy | TikTok

Image Source: adoree.shyy | TikTok

"Another user highlighted their employment in healthcare, saying that their schedule was even more demanding than Amazon's.

Interestingly, one TikToker @yonna didn't regret their time at Amazon, saying that while not liking it, they were able to save money.

Image Source:
Image Source: adoree.shyy | TikTok

Some interpreted Shy's comments as a prevalent issue among workers: they wanted a job but didn't always appreciate its responsibilities. One individual said, "Everyone wants to work at Amazon until they realize you have to work."

You can follow Shy here on TikTok (@adoree.shyy) for more such videos on Reality Check while working at Amazon.