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Woman Uses Data to Show Why it's Impossible to Find the 'Man in Finance' Described in a Viral Song

Through a presentation, TikTok creator Rae explained how hard it is to find the ideal man.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @maxedoutmommy
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @maxedoutmommy

TikTok is known for videos on personal finance and investments as much as it is popular for dance and music videos. But time and again experts have advised social media users to be careful about the kind of finance influencers that they are taking tips from. Recently the musical and financial domains on TikTok converged at a point when the “Man In Finance (G6 Trust Fund)” song by Billen Ted and Girl On Couch went viral. Since then, women across America have made up their minds to find the ideal finance guy. However, the quest to find a man who has a trust fund, is 6’5” tall, has blue eyes, and works in finance seems to be nearly impossible. The odds of finding a man in finance were discussed in true fintok fashion by TikTok creator Rae (@maxedoutmommy) through a PowerPoint presentation.

In her video, Rae narrows down the number of men in the United States who meet the requirements mentioned in the viral song by Girl On Couch. Going step by step, Rae explains there are over 100 million men, constituting 48.2% of the population, above the age of 18 in the U.S, and around 3.6 million people work in finance. Applying the 48.2% ratio, she comes to the estimate that 1.7 million American men work in finance.

Coming to the second requirement, Rae says only 1.2% of people in the U.S. have a trust fund. This means only 21,000 men in the U.S. meet that requirement mentioned in the song. Rae then comes to the criterion of the ideal man being 6’5” tall. She says only 0.1% of men in the U.S. are 6’5” tall and this narrows things down to 21 men.

Screenshots from the video | TikTok |  @maxedoutmommy
Screenshots from the video | TikTok | @maxedoutmommy

The final criterion, that Girl on Couch mentioned, was blue eyes, and as per Rae's research, 27% of people in the U.S. have blue eyes. Applying that ratio to the number of ideal men who meet the other requirements, she found that there are only six American men who may qualify as the ideal man in finance.

However, for them to be ideal, these men need to be available as well. Thus, Rae throws out that only 29% of working men in the U.S. are single. This brings the number of men, who meet all the requirements while being single, to just two.

Screenshots from the video | TikTok | @maxedoutmommy
Screenshots from the video | TikTok | @maxedoutmommy

While Rae’s video was hilarious enough, users in the comment section tried to outwit her. “And... One of them is 55 the other is 73,” wrote user @david.jones250 suggesting that Rae did not account for the age.

Screenshot from the comments | TikTok |  @david.jones250
Screenshot from the comments | TikTok | @david.jones250

However, everyone did not take Rae’s video as lightly as it was intended to. Several math geniuses poked out holes in her logic and calculations suggesting that Rae may have got it wrong. “This is a great example of why you can't multiply probabilities that aren't independent!” wrote user @matchfour.

Screenshot from the comments | TikTok | @matchfour
Screenshot from the comments | TikTok | @matchfour

One user @ikeizzle pointed out, “For those saying the numbers are off, read the caption. This assumes a normal distribution. The numbers are correct under that rule.”

Screenshots from the comments | TikTok | @ikeizzle
Screenshots from the comments | TikTok | @ikeizzle

Meanwhile, some suggested that there may be other ways to get the ideal man but not in America. “Come to the Netherlands, where 7% of the men are 6'5" and 80% have blue eyes,” wrote @user9581392802998.

@maxedoutmommy Assuming normal distribution across the board, assuming i.i.d.…its not looking good @Girl On Couch #summersong #finance #trustfund #remix ♬ original sound - Rae | Unhinged PowerPoints

For more hilarious content, follow Rae (@maxedoutmommy) on TikTok.