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Jelly Babie of Bacardi Fame Faces Backlash for Shouting at Supermarket Cashier, Loses Endorsement

The influencer and musician faced widespread scrutiny as a video surfaced on social media, alleging that she had insulted a cashier.
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @jellybabie__official
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @jellybabie__official

In a startling turn of events, the rising Bacardi star Karabo Kakhu, widely known as Jelly Babie, finds herself in hot water after a recent incident, per Daily Sun. The 18-year-old sensation hailing from Mabopane in Tshwane is experiencing a swift downfall as she witnesses a decline in her fan base and partnerships with brands. Influencer and musician Jelly Babie faced widespread scrutiny on Tuesday (23 April) as a video surfaced on social media, alleging that she had insulted a cashier. The viral footage purportedly depicted Jelly Babie engaging in a heated argument and shouting at a cashier in a supermarket. Consequently, Jelly Babie received significant backlash across social media platforms. In response, she temporarily disabled the comment section on her social media accounts.

Instagram | @jellybabie__official
Instagram | @jellybabie__official

Jelly Babie, known for her association with Bacardi, rose to prominence through collaborations with the late Vusi Ma R5, a prominent musician, singer, media personality, social media influencer, and public figure. Vusi Ma R5, born on May 28, 1988, in Pretoria, South Africa, was renowned for his exceptional singing talent and chart-topping hits. Jelly Babie's trajectory into the limelight began during her time in grade 11 when she decided to leave school. In an interview, she explained that the constant reminders and condolences from her peers following Vusi Ma R5's passing made it challenging to concentrate on her studies.

In the viral video, which was reportedly recorded by a former associate of the late Vusi Ma R5, Jelly Babie can be heard hurling insults at the cashier, accusing them of showing disrespect. "Respect doesn't come with age. Respect me so that I can respect you. You're a dog. Your job is to be a teller, not to ask who I am talking to. Who do you think you are? You are nothing..." her words echo in the video.

After the video became viral, numerous individuals voiced their disappointment, citing a loss of respect for Jelly Babie due to her treatment of the cashier. In light of the video's circulation, Big Save issued a statement disclosing the temporary suspension of the involved cashier pending an investigation into the incident. "As per our company's code of conduct, it is standard procedure to suspend individuals during investigations aimed at uncovering the circumstances surrounding an incident," they said.

Instagram | @jellybabie__official
Instagram | @jellybabie__official

"We have become aware of an incident involving a TikTok influencer behaving inappropriately towards one of our staff members. We firmly assert that such behavior is intolerable as we are dedicated to safeguarding the rights and welfare of our employees," they stated. Furthermore, they acknowledged the violation of the staff member's rights and privacy, affirming their commitment to guiding her appropriately in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) as she was recorded without her consent. "We remain committed to supporting her in determining the suitable steps to address this breach. Our foremost concern is the safety and dignity of our employees, and we are prepared to implement any required measures to foster a supportive and respectful workplace environment," they emphasized.

Big Save emphasized the need for accountability from Jelly Babie, urging her to publicly apologize to both their employee and the company while also advocating for appropriate actions to be taken. Simultaneously, Jelly Babie faced consequences in her professional partnerships as her affiliation with P Squared Beauty Parlour was terminated due to the video. "In light of recent events involving Jelly Babie, we have decided to terminate our partnership with her as her behavior does not reflect our values," stated the salon.