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Security Deposit Drama? Your Landlord Does Not Want You to Know This

Feeling ripped off by your landlord over your security deposit? This TikTok trick could save you hundreds and get all your money back every time.
Cover Image Source: |TikTok
Cover Image Source: |TikTok

Have any of you ever had your landlord attempt to retain your security deposit after you moved out of an apartment? It can be annoying, particularly if you thought you left the home in good shape. Well, stop worrying. There's a smart tip in a new TikTok video that can help you get your money back every time. A dramatic scene plays at the beginning of the video: someone is moving out of their flat, and today is their last day. They request that their security deposit—a sum of money paid up ahead to cover any potential losses during their stay—be returned by their landlord. But the landlord refuses, claiming the tenant caused a lot of damage and they are keeping the entire deposit to cover the repair costs.

Image Source: |TikTok
Image Source: |TikTok

Things start to become intriguing at this point. The tenant refuses to give up. Asking for a report outlining the damages and receipts for the repairs, they interrogate the landlord. The salient point is this: the video clarifies that tenant rules prohibit the landlord from withholding the security deposit on the grounds of purported pre-existing damage if they did not complete a "move-in inspection report" before the tenant's move-in. The tenant also emphasizes that typical wear and tear—such as little wall scratches—shouldn't be considered damage. The landlord is forced to concede and restore the security deposit after learning this. In the closing moments of the film, the renter divulges their hidden weapon: insight from watching, a content provider recognized for offering money-saving hacks.

There's a solid reason why this little video became popular on TikTok. It gives tenants important knowledge about their rights and protects them from being taken advantage of by landlords. The video has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users. Numerous viewers related their encounters with landlords attempting to withhold security deposits for illogical reasons. Others expressed their gratitude to for the useful insight and pledged to heed their guidance going forward. Some viewers even offered more advice such as filming and photographing the unit to record its condition during the move-in inspection.

Image Source: |TikTok
Image Source: |TikTok

"My landlord is charging me for a crack in the bathroom countertop that I mentioned was there in my move-in checklist," said Marie after watching the video.

Image Source: |TikTok
Image Source: |TikTok

Thus, keep this tip in mind the next time you move out of an apartment. Be firm and insist on documentation of damage if your landlord attempts to deduct your security deposit for irrational reasons and you didn't have a move-in inspection. Here are some more pointers for handling this circumstance:

Be ready by recording the condition of the entire flat with photos and videos before you move out. If your landlord tries to argue that there is damage that wasn't there before, this will be useful proof.

Ask for a move-out inspection: In a lot of places, landlords are required to perform an inspection when the tenant is not there. You have the chance to draw attention to any prior harm that the landlord could be trying to blame you.

Recognize your rights: Learn about the state's legislation about tenants. This will make it clearer to you what deductions from your security deposit your landlord is permitted to make under the law.

Never be afraid to bargain: Try to work out a deal with your landlord if they're attempting to withhold a portion of your security deposit explaining why you think the deductions are unfair and be forceful.

As a last resort as it can be a costly and time-consuming procedure, consider filing a lawsuit to recover your security deposit if you and your landlord are unable to come to an arrangement. Your LANDLORD does NOT want you to know this! 😡 — it’s against the law to keep the security deposit WITHOUT a move in checklist, know your rights people! #vettedai #vetted #savingshack #budgethacks #savingstips #landlordproblems #landlordsfromhell #landlordproblem #rentalhacks ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys - Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

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