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Parents Charge Daughter Rent After High School Graduation; Internet Approves

How do you feel about making your children pay rent? Look what these parents have to say.
Image Source: @bar7ranch | TikTok
Image Source: @bar7ranch | TikTok

A mother made headlines when she ordered her children to pay $100 for rent each month when they were 16. Although some people found her regulations strange, other parents followed similar guidelines. Cody and Erika Archie, the owners of Bar 7 Ranch ( @bar7ranch ) in Texas, took a similar approach with their daughter. They asked her to contribute to the rentonce she graduated from high school.

Image Source: @bar7ranch | TikTok
Image Source: @bar7ranch | TikTok

Following her high school graduation, Kylee's parents asked her to start paying $200 a month if she wanted to stay at home. The rent would increase to $300 if she wanted to consume their meals. Although Kylee had been living with her family, her parents determined that she needed to start paying for her accommodations after high school. They believed that it would teach her responsibility, particularly because she wasn't sure if she wanted to attend college.

Cody and Erika first talked about their rent agreement with Kylee in their 2022 TikTok video. When the idea of renting to kids who had graduated from college gained traction once more in May 2023, they decided to repost it. Erika asked viewers if their high school graduate is not attending college right away, they still require them to pay rent. Cody clarified they intended to take $200 from Kylee each month the next month onwards.

Cody commented, "That’s pretty cheap to live like a grub in your parents' house." Erika added, "That’s cheaper than what she eats in food or anyone eats."

It's $300 if Kylee wants to eat off of their refrigerator, but it's only $200 if she purchases her groceries, according to Cody. Erika laughed back at that. They thought it imparts valuable knowledge about handling debts. They invited people to voice their ideas and were genuinely curious about what others had to say.

The responses they got in the comment section were quite diverse. One person shared, "I've seen this online before... Parents who do this often end up not being close to their kids later in life."

Another commented, "I wouldn't charge my kids."

Image Source: @bar7ranch | TikTok
Image Source: @bar7ranch | TikTok

However, many people supported the idea but suggested saving the money secretly for the child. "My parents started charging me rent after about 6 months. It helped me become better at managing money. They gave it back to me when I moved out," @adam shared.

Image Source: @bar7ranch | TikTok
Image Source: @bar7ranch | TikTok

Another user mentioned how it's not about paying money but becoming responsible.

Image Source: @bar7ranch | TikTok
Image Source: @bar7ranch | TikTok

As it happened, Kylee eventually moved out of the family home. Cody and Erika disclosed to Today in May 2023 that Kylee moved out in February 2023 to get her apartment. After graduating, if she began paying the $200 rent, and lived with them for almost nine months before deciding to live independently.

But Kylee's initial intentions fell through, and she ultimately moved in with her aunt. She was fortunate not to have to pay rent there, but she did contribute by watching her nieces.

Erika told the publication that Kylee had no animosity toward them.

She realized that being an adult includes certain duties, such as handling money and making her own decisions. The family provided an update in April 2024, stating that Kylee had secured a higher-paying position. Her parents decided to raise her rent as a result of this improvement. It seems that Kylee returned to her parents' house and continued to abide by their rental guidelines.

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