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Woman Hits Jackpot Worth Half a Million; Credits Tarot Card Prediction for Her Win

A Genesee County woman won $500,000 in a lottery game just hours after a tarot reading session, where it was predicted that she would soon receive a large sum of money.
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Mario Tama
Cover Image Source: Getty Images | Photo by Mario Tama

Hitting a jackpot is known to be the result of pure luck, but despite that people hold on to beliefs while purchasing lottery tickets, to increase their chances of winning. A 59-year-old woman credits a Tarot card reading that predicted that she would soon gain a significant amount of money, for winning the $500,000 top prize with a Michigan Lottery 50X Wild Time instant game ticket. The woman was on her way to a Tarot reading when she stopped at a BP gas station. She usually bought her lottery tickets at a different store but decided to purchase a few from the BP station that day.

Unsplash | Photo by petr sidorov
Image Source: Unsplash | Photo by Petr Sidorov

"I have always told the people in my life that I was going to win the lottery one day," explained the woman who wished to remain anonymous, according to NBC affiliate KPLCTV. "Once a week I purchase a few instant games and I usually always buy them from the same store. The day I won, I was on my way to a Tarot reading, so I stopped at a different store, purchased some tickets, and put them in my purse."

"During my Tarot reading, I was told that money would soon enter my life," the woman said. "While trying to think of potential ways this could happen, I never imagined it would be through the lottery tickets I had in my purse," she added.

She later scratched off the tickets at home that evening and revealed a star symbol, which she initially thought signified a $10 prize, equivalent to the cost of the ticket.

"To my amazement, I uncovered a prize of $500,000," the winner said. "I tried to stay composed, but I knew my life had just been transformed."

The woman plans to use the money to pay off her car, go on a cruise with a friend, and invest the rest of her windfall. Michigan Lottery players have already claimed $17 million in prizes from the 50X Wild Time instant game, with more than $44 million in prizes still available, including two additional $500,000 jackpots.

Unsplash | Photo by Alejandro Garay
Image Source: Unsplash | Photo by Alejandro Garay

In a similar incident, another woman found herself on the receiving end of a windfall, attributing her stroke of luck to astrology. As per Maryland Lottery officials, the retired state employee purchased a $2 million Gold Rush scratch-off ticket in Cumberland, unaware of the life-changing jackpot it held.

The routine scratch-off player followed her usual method, scratching off the ticket to reveal the prizes before comparing them to the winning numbers. However, she believes that the sight of a 'vault' symbol had already indicated an automatic win for her. Initially estimating her win at $500, she was astounded to discover it was, in fact, a whopping $2 million.

Overjoyed by her newfound fortune, she called her husband to share the news, initially believing it to be a million-dollar win. To their astonishment, the reality surpassed their expectations as they realized it was double that amount. The winner now intends to donate a substantial portion of her winnings to charity while allocating the remainder towards home renovations.