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Here's why a Couple Chose to Leave Their Jobs & Start a new Life on a Yacht in Greece

This couple decided to give up their jobs and live on a yatch, travel full time, seems like a dream right?
Image Source: sailinghollyblue | Instagram
Image Source: sailinghollyblue | Instagram

Leaving jobs and shifting to another part of the world could be a life-changing decision, which comes with its challenges at a time when cost of living in different countries remains a concern. But that didn't stop Laura and Ross Colledge from giving up employment and relocating to Greece with their children, because they were not spending enough time together.

"Ross was always working, sometimes more than 50 hours a week," Laura said. He believed he was losing out on watching our children grow up because we didn't spend much time together."

They also took the decision for their kids, who they wanted to grow into adults who were interested in more than just shopping. Their desire was for the children to acquire knowledge and be a part of adventures. Additionally, they wanted to ensure that their son, who has ADHD, received the assistance he needed.

Image Source: sailinghollyblue | Instagram
Image Source: sailinghollyblue | Instagram

A rather daring decision was made by Laura and Ross Colledge in the summer of 2019 when they purchased a 2005 Bavaria 42 yacht that they had been coveting for some time by refinancing their recently renovated house. They departed from Mykonos and traveled across the Aegean and Dodecanese seas before arriving at the Ionian Islands. Laura shared "The lake has always drawn us in. In Newquay, UK, we went kayaking and surfing for years."

For the last five years, the Colledge family has been exploring the Greek islands, embracing their nomadic lifestyle despite its uncertainties. Laura explained, "Sailing life is full of surprises. Finding the right balance between work and life can be tricky. Keeping a routine is tough too. You have to be flexible when the weather or other factors change your plans."

Their children are adapting to their new lifestyle too. One is being homeschooled, while the other attends a virtual secondary school online, and it seems they have a few cats to keep them company too!

Their family yacht is commanded by Ross as captain with Laura as his first mate. They are also the minds behind the fitness and wellness-focused website BoatFit and the blog Sailing Holly Blue, which documents their adventures at sea.

The family intends to move up to a bigger yacht as their children get older. To suit their demands, they have already made several modifications to their current boat. "We've included water filtration, solar panels, cutting-edge batteries, and other contemporary amenities. We can now live off the grid and not worry about paying for utilities thanks to this," Laura said. She said they frequently work with advertisers via their social media accounts.

Laura stressed how their way of life brings with it a deep connection to the natural world and how she loves being a part of it. Being vulnerable to the weather and so near to nature grounds you.

Laura brought attention to the particular difficulties of sailing life when it came to relationships. "Boating may be a demanding lifestyle. If your spouse is your true soulmate, you'll quickly find out. It's a never-ending challenge, but it also strengthens your relationship and mutual respect," she said. "You learn to choose your battles wisely and understand where compromise is possible and where it's not."