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Canadian Car Salesman Reveals Post-Sale Process, Netizens React With Snark

‘Yes! Sold one, got it done for the month, closer to my sales target—awesome.'”
Image Source: kudoscarsales | TikTok
Image Source: kudoscarsales | TikTok

Many salespeople use TikTok to share tips or explain what they do at work. Recently, a Canadian car salesman named Kudos (@kudoscarsales) got a lot of attention with a short video. In the video, he talks about what he does right after selling a car. “Ever wonder what a car salesman does after you agree to buy a car?” Kudos asked his viewers. “After you talk to the accountant, what’s next?”

“Well, first, there’s this happy moment when we think, ‘Yes! Sold one, reached my sales goal for the month—awesome.’”

Image Source: kudoscarsales | TikTok
Image Source: kudoscarsales | TikTok

Then, according to Kudos, the next step is to fill up the car with gas. “Right after a sale, we usually head to the gas station to make sure the car has a full tank. That way, it’s ready for service if needed, and the new owner doesn’t have to worry about gas,” he explained.

After filling up the car with gas, the next step for the salesman is to do some paperwork and get a dealer plate. Then, he needs approval from a manager before heading to the nearest gas station. At the station, Kudos asks the attendant to sign the paperwork. When he returns, he parks the car with the other sold vehicles, puts the paperwork in the record book, and returns the plate. Finally, he attaches his business card to the keys.

“That’s it. Now we just have to wait for the car to be checked by service, and we’ll deliver it to the customer in a couple of days,” he said.

Some viewers expressed concerns about car salespeople being dishonest.

“They act friendly until you leave the lot, then they disappear,” @skoden616 commented.

Image Source: kudoscarsales | TikTok
Image Source: kudoscarsales | TikTok

“Three days later, the check engine light comes on,” another person joked. “They dodge lightning bolts from all the lies they tell,” someone else quipped.

The jokes likely come from the idea that car salespeople sometimes use shady tactics to make a sale, which customers may not know about. Recently, a car salesman gained a lot of attention for warning customers about an "illegal" tactic some dealerships use.

Many viewers wondered why customers don’t get their new car right after signing the contracts.

"Why don't they get the car the same day?" one person asked and another said that he would drive home the car the same day he signed!

Image Source: kudoscarsales | TikTok
Image Source: kudoscarsales | TikTok

"A lot of times, products need to go somewhere else to be finished. We have to coordinate with those places," Kudos explained.

Some salespeople in the comments disagreed with Kudos' approach.

"A rookie move after selling a car," one said. "A pro sells another car. The best time to sell a car is after you sell a car."

"You should make more calls," another person added.

"Once the customer is gone, it's the cleanup crew's job to gas up. Then, it's on to the next sale!" remarked a third person.

Being scammed, especially when buying something like a car, is a scary possibility. Thousands of people fall victim to con artists every year who employ a variety of ruses to steal money as part of a larger scheme. In one popular scam, pretend purchasers send sellers a barrage of communications to obtain their payment details. This happened to a woman in Ottawa once when con artists pretended to be interested parties in her vehicle advertisement. They requested a car history check but instead sent her to dubious websites that demanded credit card details up front.

Buyers should steer clear of offers that seem too good to be true and be wary of unexpected payment requests to stay secure. When confirming authenticity, Jeff Horncastle of the RCMP's Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre suggests using reliable resources like Carfax.

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