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Job Applicant Reveals Resume Hack That Helped Her Land Multiple Part-Time Jobs

Until this, Cami had failed to secure even one job, and now she has three.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @camipetyn
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @camipetyn

A musician applying for jobs came up with a little-known "dystopian” résumé hack that helped her bag three part-time jobs after being unable to get jobs for a long time. "Did I girl boss too close to the sun and now not only have one, not two, but three part-time jobs? I did," Cami Petyn said in her TikTok video. Until this, Cami had failed to secure even one job, and now she has three. "Let me tell you how I got these jobs, 'cause I was terrified a couple of weeks ago for a while, I applied probably to 65 jobs and wasn't hearing anything back. I was like Holy, Sh**, like will I have to move or start selling stuff, my car and everything."

Image Source: TikTok | 
Image Source: TikTok | camipetyn

After this Cami talks about how her friend Daym told her a hack, which is "incredibly dystopian", which ultimately helped her bag three part-time jobs. "After I learned bout this, I started getting interviews left and right, and then look at me now," she says in the video.

"I guess because we live in a dystopia, in a Philip K Novel, AI is causing many of us not to get jobs, besides the recession," she added.

"AI is partially to blame, plus I guess a lot of employees are using AI to scan resumes before they even read them, because of the influx of people applying, AI will scan the resume to see if it's a good fit for the job."

TikTok |
TikTok | sativa4ngel

"The problem is that AI will say you’re not a good fit if it can’t read the résumé if the formatting isn’t AI friendly," Cami explained.

She claims the hack is foolproof and AI-friendly. To work around these bots, the candidates must go to the online listing and “highlight the entire job description” before copying and pasting it onto their résumé, she instructs in the video.

The hack also includes making the font size as small as possible before turning the ink white, so it is naked to the human eye, but AI would recognize the hidden text. The AI systems are programmed to detect and allow the applicants’ résumé to be sent to the next step in the hiring process. "This does mean you have to alter your résumé for every job you apply to which heavily sucks,” Cami said. “But you know what sucks more, panicking about not having a job."

Hiss | TikTok
Hiss | TikTok

"As I said, I applied to like 65 jobs and wasn’t hearing anything back and I started doing this dystopian ass s–t and it worked and I’m very, very grateful," she continues.

@camipetyn wanted to share this hack again bc it helped me SO much shoutout @Daym for teaching me it!!#recessioncore #jobapplytricks #jobinterview #applyingforjobs ♬ original sound - Cami Petyn

Many in the comment section vouched for the hack, "I applied for over 1k jobs in a year and heard back from four. Did this and heard back a day later five months ago. It works," writes user Lo Siento. Another user comments, "Copy-paste the entire job posting into the chatbot, and ask to write a resume and/or cover letter for it! I’ve heard back from every place I’ve applied to doing this." The video has gotten more than 500K views with 264K likes.

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