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10 Signs You're Doing Well Financially

TikToker Anna expresses her passion for helping others achieve financial security.
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @annagonzales
Cover Image Source: TikTok | @annagonzales

In a recent TikTok video, @annagonzales shared 10 clear signs that indicate you're doing well financially. Her insights offer a practical guide for assessing and improving your financial health.

TikTok | @annagonzales
TikTok | @annagonzales

1. The Importance of Mindset and Emotions: Anna highlights that money management isn't just about numbers and math; "It's actually your mindset and your emotions as well," she explains. "I'm also somebody who used to be stuck living paycheck to paycheck."

2. Starting with Clear Financial Goals: Anna stresses the significance of knowing exactly why and how much you're saving. "If you know exactly what you're saving for, your emotions have less of a chance to derail you," she says. "Don't be vague about what you're aiming for."

3. Sustainable Saving Strategies: Anna encourages sustainable saving practices, warning against pushing yourself too hard. "So after six weeks of beans on toast, we grew an emergency fund," she recounts. "Keep this sustainable so you don't actually feel it so much."

4. Creating Multiple Streams of Income: To boost your savings, Anna suggests getting creative with income sources. "The first one is getting super creative about how you can create income," she advises. "When you learn to think more entrepreneurially about creating income, that's where things really start to open up."

TikTok | @annagonzales
TikTok | @annagonzales

5. Avoiding Common Mistakes: Anna identifies common mistakes people make when trying to save money. "And the mistake that I see a lot of people making is they have this kind of wake-up moment like right, I need to save, and then what they do is just save as much as they possibly can," she observes. "It's just not sustainable."

6. Keeping Track of Your Savings: Anna emphasizes the importance of tracking your savings goals to stay motivated and on track. "When you keep it vague, you're not gonna get there in two months," she notes. "So you can ask yourself the question, how much you need to be saving each month, or how much you're gonna be saving each month."

7. Balancing Enjoyment and Saving: She advises finding a balance between saving and enjoying life to maintain motivation. "How can I still enjoy my life when it comes to saving money?" Anna asks. "It's about how much more you can earn and put that money aside."

8. Realistic Timeframes for Saving: Anna underscores the importance of setting realistic timeframes for achieving your savings goals. "It's gonna be a long game," she warns. "You're not gonna get there in two months."

TikTok | @annagonzales
TikTok | @annagonzales

9. Learning from Personal Experience: Anna shares her life journey to highlight the practicality of her advice. "When I learned this stuff myself, I turned that around very quickly," she shares. "I grew up thinking, 'I'm gonna give up,' but then I learned to think more entrepreneurially."

10. Helping Others Achieve Financial Security: Finally, Anna expresses her passion for helping others achieve financial security. "Now I help thousands of people every single week," she says. "And this might actually sound counterintuitive, but I would say, 'Don't be vague about what you're aiming for.'"

Viewers shared their reactions and reflections on their financial health, inspired by her insights into the signs of financial well-being. The reactions continued with @La Jefa, who expressed deep gratitude, "Thank you Lord for all the wonderful blessings." @Not.elle noted a perfect score, saying, "10/10 For tithing, doesn't mean it's only limited to a church but also those people who need it the most like your relatives, neighbors, or friends."

Meanwhile, @ik's legal wife showed appreciation for their progress, "I'm so proud of us, I wanna cry," tagging @Daninigirl.

@__Maricar shared, "I'm 9/10. Grateful," indicating satisfaction with their financial state. @Najeong|Cult revealed a realization, "I guess I am doing well than I think, just sometimes I can't control it when it comes to Twice." @Gera shared a similar sentiment, "Sheesh I thought I wasn't doing well," expressing relief upon realizing their progress.

TikTok | @annagonzales
TikTok | @annagonzales

In a more self-critical response, @CENS Shop admitted, "1/10. Working progress!" demonstrating a commitment to improvement. @Eds Recosl celebrated their tracking habits, "Yesss! Tracking my expenses at my investment." @ic's Calle shared their score modestly, "7/10," acknowledging room for growth.

A sense of achievement was echoed by @Xharen Uy, who exclaimed, "Wow, I'm 10/10!" while @HamBin maintained a positive outlook with, "8/10. I'll get there soon. Progress over perfection." @SHELLOUS and @Shilla also expressed gratitude and a sense of doing well, with comments like, "I think I'm doing well," and "Thank you, Lord."

Lastly, a user "6/10" reflected on their journey, "Long way to go but at least I'm getting there," showing determination to improve their financial health. @ixxteven summed up the validation felt by many, "The validation I need," encapsulating the overall positive response to @annagonzales' helpful financial insights.

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