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This Mom’s Money-Saving Tips for Families Will Help You Enjoy a Budget-Friendly Summer

Discover practical summer savings tips from Mom sparking discussions on budget-friendly fun and financial wellness.
Cover Image Source: Money-saving tips by Mom |  TikTok | @thesavvysagittarius
Cover Image Source: Money-saving tips by Mom | TikTok | @thesavvysagittarius

In a recent TikTok video, user @thesavvysagittarius, also known as Money Montor - Elyse shared her insightful tips on how families can save money during the summer months. In her characteristic direct and relatable style, Elyse dishes out practical advice aimed at helping parents keep their summer budgets in check.

TikTok | @thesavvysagittarius
TikTok | @thesavvysagittarius

"Hey, moms! Are you dreading the summer because you know it's going to drain your wallet? I got you covered! We're not blowing the budget this summer. We're hitting our big financial goal still," Elyse begins, setting the tone for her money-saving mission.

"First things first, pack a lunch, snacks, and drinks everywhere we go. Get a cooler and pack it every single day. We're taking the ‘We have food at home’ to ‘We have food in the car.’ Exception: always budget for ice cream," she advises, emphasizing the importance of pre-planning to avoid overspending on dining out.

TikTok |
TikTok | @thesavvysagittarius

"We're hitting the park. It's 8 a.m. Parks are always open, at least most of them," Elyse continues, highlighting the affordability and accessibility of outdoor activities as an alternative to expensive attractions. "Next up, let's embrace hospitality! Invite friends over for meals instead of going out. It's cheaper and it's fun," she suggests, promoting socializing at home as a budget-friendly option for summer entertainment.

"Reuse last summer's clothes or find secondhand. We are not following every trend just because it's new. Let's be mindful of our spending," Elyse urges, encouraging a shift towards sustainable and budget-conscious wardrobe choices.

TikTok | @thesavvysagittarius
TikTok | @thesavvysagittarius

"And finally, let's keep it simple with a hose and a sprinkler or splash pads. Childhood fun doesn't have to be expensive!" Elyse concludes, advocating for the joy of outdoor play without the hefty price tag.

With her candid and practical tips, Elyse, aka @thesavvysagittarius is empowering parents to enjoy a budget-friendly summer filled with memorable moments and financial peace of mind. @Vanessa shared her excitement, saying, "My town is giving free lunches for summer time definitely will be going to those!" to which @Money Mentor Elyse replied, "I love this for you!" @LM revealed, "Our go-to is untrustable, take it out of the freezer and good by lunchtime the library is also a great place to go! Rain or shine. Ours has events, play areas, and storytime." @Cassandra wrote, "I already put my cooler in the trunk for the summer." To which @Money Mentor - Elyse replied, "Yes." @Heather shared her plan, "Nj, here I got a zoo pass for my family (it’s a year and equal to 2 visits) and a beach badge will be doing that and sprinkler parks all summer." @Money Mentor - Elyse replied, "Yesss. Love memberships and passes."

TikTok | @thesavvysagittarius
TikTok | @thesavvysagittarius

@Sam + Evie was elated to the lunch tip, with Elyse saying, "No kids but the lunch one! I know my weakness is snacks". @Money Mentor - Elyse replied, "It’s always snacks for me and concessions are so expensive and never that good." @loren| clt mom+lifestyle advocated, "Buy nothing groups are amazing too!" @Sonia listed her summer destinations of choice, saying, "Parks, splash pads, and library are on my list this summer!"

@Alissa Turns wrote, "Our library’s have passed. You can check out for local places, even baseball games!" @Angela Zapien expressed, "Definitely the first and the last one! Always $ for ice cream." @Allyballybobally simply praised the ideas, sharing, "Love this! Great ideas." @duh_nita512 wrote, "Find a friend with EBT or WIC and take part in the museums for all programs." @cailey c aka rain! explained, "Some libraries have passes for state parks + people on disability can sometimes get in for free! Also, EBT has programs for museums and such in certain areas to be free or very cheap!"

@thesavvysagittarius It doesn’t have to cost $100 every time you leave the house, you just have to plan ahead #budgetingwithkids #summerfun #summerbucketlist #debtfreejourney #debtfreecommunity ♬ original sound - Money Mentor - Elyse

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