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Vintage Starbucks Coupon from 2006 Enthralls Internet

Reddit users are amazed as a Starbucks employee shares a photo of a 20-year-old coupon successfully redeemed.
Cover Image Source: A Starbucks coffee shop in Las Vegas | Getty Images | Photo by Robert Alexander
Cover Image Source: A Starbucks coffee shop in Las Vegas | Getty Images | Photo by Robert Alexander

In a digital age where coupons are often fleeting and easily forgotten, one Reddit user's recent experience at Starbucks has captivated the internet. The user's success in redeeming a coupon dating back to 2006 has sparked widespread admiration and nostalgia, demonstrating the enduring appeal of a well-preserved paper relic.

The viral moment unfolded when a Starbucks employee shared a photo of the 20-year-old coupon on Reddit. Despite its age, the paper showed no signs of wear or tear, astounding both the employee and online spectators alike.

The coupon, known as a "recovery card," entitled the bearer to a complimentary beverage of any size at any Starbucks store in the USA or Canada. It was required to be surrendered at the time of redemption, adhering to specific terms and conditions outlined on the brown paper strip. These conditions included restrictions on combining the offer with other discounts and emphasized that the card was non-transferable and not for resale.

Reddit | /r/starbucks
Reddit | u/starbucks yaxom

As the Reddit post gained traction, users flooded the comments section with a mix of nostalgia and amazement. Some reminisced about their own experiences with similar coupons, recalling the days when such promotions were commonplace at Starbucks stores. Others marveled at the resilience of the paper, speculating on the rarity of finding a well-preserved coupon from over two decades ago.

Customers eat and drink in a Starbucks Coffee shop in New York City | Getty Images | Photo by Robert Alexander
Customers eat and drink in a Starbucks Coffee shop in New York City | Getty Images | Photo by Robert Alexander

In response to the Reddit post about redeeming the 20-year-old Starbucks coupon, user @Puzzleheaded_Elk1576 remarked, "They got rid of these around 2013/2014. Too many people were buying stacks of these on eBay. You would get a car in DT ordering 4 Venti Java Chips and then hand 4 of these cards out as payment." User @jamie030592 reminisced, "OMG I remember having to count these and put them in the safe lol. Memories! Then my SM got pissed because we were using too many and got a little stamp and numbered them - and we had to write down our name and the number of the card we were giving out." User @Belahsha mentioned, "Lol we don't accept those anymore. I've had a few recently and I think TikTok is showing people how to home print them 🤷. Only coupons we are supposed to accept in stores are digital." User @aSeekOne recalled, "Damn, I remember people selling fake ones on Facebook back in the day."

Reddit | u/starbucks yaxom

User @Atem1995 humorously remarked, "That thing is an adult this year." User @rabiesrights shared, "Had a guy come in with one of these one time and day 'I found this coupon thing in my desk, can I still use it?' Couldn't find an expiration date so I was like sure I guess? Come to find out that bad boy was nearly 20 years old". User @bluethreads shared their experience, saying, "I actually had a few of these. I never used them and eventually, I believe may have thrown them out because I felt too awkward to use them because they were so old." User @Breadsammiches humorously commented, "Guy’s been in a coma, give them some slack." User @Bububua expressed nostalgia, stating, "Blast from the past, nostalgic." User @AdDifferent1406 lamented the discontinuation of the coupons, saying, "That’s too bad they did away with these. It was a nice thing to do 'back in the day'. Starbucks could afford to redeem these good & bad since their prices are so high." Many reminisced about the days when they would handle and count these coupons, highlighting the fond memories associated with their time at the coffee chain.

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