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When Money Fell from the Sky: Cash Drop Creates Chaos At Zurich Park, Leaves Child Injured

The creator who goes by the name Oracle hid behind a golden mask while executing the stunt.
Cover Image Source: Unsplash | Photo by Eyestetix Studio
Cover Image Source: Unsplash | Photo by Eyestetix Studio

A public park in Zurich, Switzerland, witnessed some unusual weather recently. Bills of 10 Swiss Francs (~$11) rained from the skies on hundreds of people who rushed to collect them. The stunt was executed by a mysterious social media star named, Oracle. As per the creator’s videos, about 24,000 Swiss francs were dropped from a drone in the viral stunt. While some made free money, a 12-year-old child was seriously injured in a stampede, as per UNN. According to eyewitnesses, Oracle was also present in the park during the rally, wearing his distinctive golden mask.

Money Raining from The Heavens

Hundreds of people gathered near Lake Zurich to catch the bills, Oracle dropped from a drone. In the series of videos shared on TikTok, the creator documented the entire stunt, from how the bills were attached to the drone to dropping them over the crowd.

However, the incident may have landed the creator in trouble as it was not coordinated with the authorities, as per the UNN report. A 12-year-old schoolboy who was among the crowd was seriously injured by a sharp object and was rushed to the hospital. The prosecutor's office subsequently launched an investigation into the matter which could lead to action against Oracle, whose identity remains unknown.

Is Oracle’s Viral Plan Part of European Policy?

A helicopter drop similar to Oracle’s stunt is an expansionary fiscal or monetary policy that governments can undertake to stimulate the economy. Typically, such policy is financed by an increase in an economy's money supply, as per Investopedia. Back in 2019, due to sustained weak economic conditions in Europe, economists were considering the unconventional policy option of ‘helicopter money’, as per CEPR.

While the economic conditions are again strained, Oracle’s stunt doesn’t seem to have links with any policy or official action.

Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Isaac Benhesed
Representative Image | Unsplash | Photo by Isaac Benhesed

Raining Money is Not That Uncommon

Last year in a similar stunt, a Czech TV star and social media celebrity, dropped around one million dollars from a helicopter. Kamil Bartošek, who goes by Kazma Kazmitch on social media, pulled the stunt after promising an unforgettable gift for his followers.

The star announced a competition via his own social network platforms and decided to reward everyone who took part in it. The participants were instructed to meet up for an event at a location where the influencer dropped the money from the skies, according to Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia.

However, sometimes, free money sometimes comes at a cost. Last month, in Australia, a malfunction in four ATMs at Sydney's Star Casino led to a disbursement of over $3.2 million in free cash over a two-week period, the Daily Mail Reported.

A software glitch occurred in machines that provide cash for tickets. People discovered when the machines were fed more than one ticket, they paid out for all tickets but docketed only one. This meant the machine spewed back all the remaining tickets and gamblers could keep refeeding them to take out more money.

Over 43 people took advantage of the bonanza and the machines dispensed $3,219,420 over 13 days. After the fault was detected, people who took advantage of the situation were reported to police. While many had to repay the money, some were even arrested for fraud and deception.