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Twitch Streamer Is Offering Full-Time Roles to Moderators, Plus Medical and Life Insurance

Pirate Software's move of making the job of a Twitch moderator full time is unprecedented.
Twitch logo is displayed during the 'Paris Games Week' | Getty Images | Photo by Chesnot
Twitch logo is displayed during the 'Paris Games Week' | Getty Images | Photo by Chesnot

Twitch streamer and video game developer Jason Thor Hall, aka Pirate Software, has announced full-time positions for his moderators. The streamer who recently reached new heights of popularity on the platform has promised the benefits of conventional jobs to his moderators as well. Hall has also promised to pay his international employees comparable rates to the U.S. residents and more.

James Thor Hall is a popular streamer and game developer. He recently blew up over Twitch and social media for breaking the platform’s Hype Train record twice in a single Twitch livestream. He got the Twitch Hype Train to level 106, gaining over 50,000 subscriptions in about three hours, as per Sportskeeda. The streamer was overjoyed with the results, and the announcement for full-time moderator jobs came soon after the development.

Hall is a big name in the gaming industry, known for founding Pirate Software, which is an independent game studio based in the U.S. His games are popular among players for their entertaining and globally captivating nature that reflects Hall’s quirky personality.

Apart from streaming games, Thor’s livestreams focus on what goes on behind the scenes during the development of a game. At the Streamer Awards, Hall won the award for Best Software and Game Development streamer. Thus, the recent announcement has only added to Pirate Software's fame as many of its viewers and fans appreciated the move.

According to Hall’s announcement post, all of his U.S. employees will receive benefits including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Furthermore, the employees will be given a company retirement plan to make sure they are set up for the future.

Coming to international employees, Hall promised that they would be paid rates comparable to the total income, including benefits, of the US employees. He stated that the international employees will be on contract and they will be free to pick and choose their hours of work. Advocating equal pay for all, Hall claimed that his company has tightened the particular pay gap to just 118$ per year.

Thor, who also runs a ferret sanctuary in Washington, said that his next step is to build a permanent home for the ferret rescue. He streams videos of Ferrets on Twitch and he said he plans to bring that to YouTube as well.

According to Twitch, moderators also called “mods” ensure that the chat section of a broadcaster meets the behavior and content standards set by the streamer. The mods, therefore, remove offensive posts and spam texts posted by viewers in the live chat and have the power to remove or ban people from the channel. Mods typically work as volunteers who are mostly the fans of the streamer.

The importance of Twitch mods in stream management cannot be overstated and there has been a long debate over the unpaid nature of the job. While many have argued that mods should be paid or considered as employees, not much has been done by the platform to help them. Thus, Hall’s move to make moderation a full-time paid job is unprecedented.