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Sharp-Eyed Server Halts Dine and Dashers' Escape Over $100 Tab

In this video, the TikToker says, "If you are the two girls that tried walking out on your hundred-dollar tab yesterday, f*ck you."
Cover Image Source: Server calls out customer who tried to dine and dash | TikTok | @grace.rayy
Cover Image Source: Server calls out customer who tried to dine and dash | TikTok | @grace.rayy

With restaurant prices rising like never before, many are avoiding eating out. However, some are also resorting to unethical ways while dining in. A server recently took to TikTok to talk about two customers who allegedly tried to dine and dash (when a customer sneakily tries to escape their food and drinks bill) on their $100 tab. In this video, the TikToker says, "If you are the two girls that tried walking out on your hundred-dollar tab yesterday, f*ck you" after which she goes on to say how two women came into the restaurant and ordered two appetizers, two drinks, and two shots. "Keep in mind, our prices are kind of pricey, and they were getting like good sh*t," she says. "That alone was already $100."

Image Source: grace.rayy
Image Source: grace.ray

The server then says how upon getting the bill, they asked for half and half the bill. After she returned, the woman said that the guest checkbooks were set. However, she soon noticed that there were no cards in them and returned to the table and told them the issue. “I was like, 'Oh my god,'" Ray exclaimed. "I already knew where this is going." She says she decided to keep an extra eye on the women’s table but then had to handle a table outside.

When she came back, she saw that one of the women had already left while another was slowly getting out of the booth. "I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt," Ray says. "Maybe they paid with someone else." When she checked the book, she realized that they had not paid and quickly followed them out of the building. "I walked outside, and I said, 'You need to pay your tab,'" to which the woman simply asked, "What?"

Pey 10 | TikTok
Pey 10 | TikTok

When Ray tried to explain to the woman that she needed to come back inside and pay, she simply waved down security. She says security approached as she continued to explain to the woman that she could not leave until the two tabs were paid. The woman reportedly responded and said, "I’m gonna let my friend sign off on this" and wanted to leave without providing payment.

"I looked at her, I said, 'You’re not gonna walk out on me'…because one thing I’m not gonna do is pay for your f*cking tab," Ray says. After the security was brought back, the woman asked if she could use Apple Pay, which the restaurant did not accept, so Ray approached the management to ask what to do next.

@sydneyyvonnemusic | TikTok
@sydneyyvonnemusic | TikTok

Ray says that the management sent a co-worker named Jo to help her handle the situation. She says Jo simply informed the customer that she was unable to do Apple Pay. "What we can do is, if you wanna go ahead and Cash App Grace the money, then she can go and pay your tab for you," the co-worker told the woman.

Then Ray said that the woman refused and asked one more time if she could use Apple Pay. Jo took the phone from her hand and started typing Ray's phone number into Cash App to make the transfer. "So the total is $103, but we’re gonna still tip her 20 percent, so you’re gonna send her $123," Jo reportedly said.


like if youre that broke say that😭

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“I guess the girl turned her phone on like airplane mode or something, like, nothing was sending,” Ray adds. She says Jo told the customer, “Oh well, that’s why it’s not working,” then turned off airplane mode and paid Ray the $123.

People in the comment section were taken aback by the way her co-worker handled the situation. "Omg sell 'em, sis," reads one of the top comments while others were simply curious, "Do waiters have to pay for it if they walk out? Genuinely curious, I’ve never been a waiter," reads another comment.

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