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‘Shark Tank’ Shark Barbara Corcoran’s First Costco Visit Garners Humorous Reactions From Fans

Corcoran enthusiastically declared in the caption of her TikTok video, "I'm a @Costco Wholesale girl now #costco #costcofinds."
Cover Image Source: Barbara Corcoran’s first Costco visit | TikTok | @barbara.corcoran
Cover Image Source: Barbara Corcoran’s first Costco visit | TikTok | @barbara.corcoran

Barbara Corcoran, famed investor from "Shark Tank" recently made a surprising revelation: she had her first-ever visit to Costco and thoroughly enjoyed it. The 75-year-old entrepreneur took to TikTok to share her newfound appreciation for the wholesale giant.

In her TikTok post, Corcoran showcased her inaugural trip to Costco through a slideshow of two photos. The first image depicted her standing proudly beside a cart overflowing with various items, including cases of Diet Coke, paper towels, and a bouquet. The caption over this picture humorously read, "I went to Costco for the first time in my life yesterday…" In the second image, Corcoran flashed a thumbs-up gesture while holding her lengthy receipt against her vibrant blue jacket. She stood in front of the Costco food court, with the caption stating, "It was the best day of my life," per People.

TikTok | @barbara.corcoran
TikTok | @barbara.corcoran

Corcoran enthusiastically declared in the caption of her TikTok video, "I'm a @Costco Wholesale girl now #costco #costcofinds." This revelation sparked a wave of responses from her fans, who celebrated her late-in-life discovery. Barbara Corcoran's TikTok post about her inaugural visit to Costco sparked a flurry of reactions from users. @Katelyn jokingly remarked, "Barbara went clubbing" to which Corcoran responded in jest, "This is my kind of clubbing." The positive impact of Corcoran's shopping experience was emphasized by @whatevr who commented, "Customers happy, Costco happy." Another user, @Diana, noted, "Costco tends to have this effect," highlighting the widespread appeal of the wholesale store. Meanwhile, @Pearl Gill expressed her intent to emulate Corcoran's shopping spree, stating, "I’ll be channeling you next time I’m at Costco." However, some users couldn't resist poking fun at Corcoran's purchases, with @Lia humorously noting, "But the toilet paper babs." In response, Corcoran maintained her playful demeanor, quipping, "Oh no what kind do you like you’ll have to use it too."

Barbara Corcoran attends the 'Shark Tank' season 8 | Getty Images | Photo by  Tibrina Hobson
Barbara Corcoran attends the 'Shark Tank' season 8 | Getty Images | Photo by Tibrina Hobson

Moving on to other reactions, @Jordan extended a warm welcome to Corcoran, stating, "From a Costco employee, Welcome to the family." Another user, @1234 expressed unwavering loyalty to Costco, declaring, "Costco is my happy place, 100% hooked for life." However, some users expressed surprise at Corcoran's previous lack of Costco visits, with @Blue Dog questioning, "Really? Never been there?" User @HR made a humorous comparison, remarking, "It’s giving Mitchell Pritchett," referencing a character from a popular TV show. Sharing her Costco experience, @Brianna Borghi described it as her "happy place" during taste testing. @Michelle offered a light-hearted critique, jesting, "Barbara come on now…I know prices are high these days but we are better than single ply scott tissue." Meanwhile @yoga - get taller highlighted the logistical marvel of Costco, to which Corcoran responded with excitement, stating, "Every aisle was different! It was amazing." Lastly, @Sweet_dee020 complimented Corcoran, suggesting that she would make the perfect Costco buddy to go with. The comments showcased a mix of welcoming gestures, humorous remarks, and admiration for Corcoran's newfound appreciation for Costco.

TikTok | @barbara.corcoran
TikTok | @barbara.corcoran

User @Lauren expressed a common sentiment about Costco, stating, "It would be my thing too, if not for the crowds of people with no spatial awareness." Meanwhile, @Sami reminisced about a significant moment in her life, sharing, "The best day of my life so far in 2024 was when my sister and I got our very own Costco memberships." Another enthusiast, @harjot, succinctly declared, "Costco is life-changing!!" Lastly, @Mary Kate playfully appealed to the Sharks, proposing, "Hi Sharks - I am coming to you to ask for one monthly Costco shopping trip with Barbara to show her the seasonal rotations."

@barbara.corcoran I’m a @Costco Wholesale girl now 🤣❤️#costco #costcofinds ♬ These Words - Badger

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