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Here's What Consumers are Saying About Affordable Alternatives to the Viral Beis Travel Bag

Customers who have purchased it attest to its multipurpose usage, including its use as a hospital or gym bag.
Cover Image Source: These travel bags have become a huge hit | Amazon
Cover Image Source: These travel bags have become a huge hit | Amazon

The demand for seemingly mundane products such as the Stanley Cup highlights how social media can drive up the sales for any brand overnight. The latest in the series of highly sought-after viral products is the Béis Weekender bag, which has gained traction on TikTok. But since the viral bag is priced at $108, two other firms have produced affordable replicas, Sam's Club and Minkars now gaining popularity on Amazon.

Image Source: Amazon
Image Source: Amazon

Hence if consumers are unable to find the viral bag that remains in demand, they can always turn to far less expensive alternatives that resemble the upscale model almost exactly. The trending travel accessory also comes in about thirty various hues, so you have a lot of options. For instance, the large zipper at the bottom of the Béis bag is one of its interesting features since it's ideal for separating soiled clothing or shoes from the rest of the luggage. But the Etronik version on Amazon claims to include the same bottom section in addition to features such as a strap to attach it to your luggage handle, an internal laptop pocket, and three other pockets to keep goods organized.

The Amazon duffel is unique because of a few extra features such as a USB connector, so you can charge your phone with a travel battery without even having to open the bag to find your charger. It also has a separate compartment for cosmetics and two side pockets for a water bottle or umbrella. Nonetheless, this bag and the Béis bag are different in some ways. Because of its softer sides, the Etronik bag is less rigid than the Béis.

Image Source: Amazon
Image Source: Amazon

Consumers who have purchased the Beis Bag attest to the different purposes that it serves, such as its utility as a hospital or gym bag as well as a carry-on for flights and short weekend trips. Its alternatives are priced at a little more than $33.

Isabella Hinojosa, one of the customers who purchased them wrote, said "Used it for a weekend trip in the mountains and it was amazing!! Felt very organized with the different compartments/pockets. The extra shoe bags and toiletry bags were a huge plus! There was a bit of struggle to fit all the thick sweaters and snow pants, but if it zipped up all my snow clothing, it can zip up a summer wardrobe."

Another buyer Jen says, “Brought it on United as a personal item. Fit well under the seat with extra room left over. Looks nice [and is] comfortable to hold. [It] has a strap you can slide over the suitcase handle so you don’t have to carry it. Fits a lot. Added my electronics, chargers, shoes, book, wallet, and liquids. Would recommend! It has a ton of side pouches and a bottom compartment."

The success of the viral bag along with its replicas also sheds light on the way online trends are boosting business for smaller brands as well. This contrasts the trend where people are obsessed with bagging the viral product from a specific brand even though similar items are being sold at lower prices.