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Social Media User Calls Out Restaurant for Poking Fun at People Who Prefer Well-Done Steak

TikTok user Morris called out a restaurant for making fun of people who like well-done steak, saying those who prefer rare steak should also be teased.
Cover Image Source: Guy calls out restaurant's attitude towards well-done steak |  @soniquespeaks | TikTok
Cover Image Source: Guy calls out restaurant's attitude towards well-done steak | @soniquespeaks | TikTok

Sonique Morris, @soniquespeaks on TikTok, recently discussed his feelings on a restaurant's remark mocking customers who enjoy their steak well done. He believed the restaurant was "shaming" people who like their steak done to longer doneness by advising them to get chicken instead. Sonique thought the joke wasn't cool. He feels that taunting folks who enjoy their steak well done is equally, if not more, offensive than making fun of those who prefer their meat rare.

Image Source: @soniquespeaks | TikTok
Image Source: @soniquespeaks | TikTok

Sonique pointed at the restaurant's menu, explaining how they describe rare steak as having a cool red center. He then moved her finger to another part of the menu where they talked about how well-done steak is cooked. "And then they said, 'If you want your steak well-done, you might as well order chicken.'" Sonique wasn't happy about the restaurant's attitude towards well-done steak. "Seriously, screw you... If you prefer this," he said, pointing back to the rare steak. "Just order a cow and take a bite out of it," he said.

He continued by saying that eating a rare steak is like biting into a cow directly. "They barely cook it and serve it to you. Might as well just grab a cow and take a bite," he concluded. However, many TikTok users didn't see eye-to-eye with Sonique's perspective on steak preferences. One person humorously commented, "Ordering a well-done steak should lower your credit score."

Image Source: @soniquespeaks | TikTok
Image Source: @soniquespeaks | TikTok

Another seemed to poke fun at Sonique's saying, "All this talk from someone with such a strong jaw after chewing so much."

Image Source: @soniquespeaks | TikTok
Image Source: @soniquespeaks | TikTok

Despite the differing opinions, some viewers appreciated the restaurant's joke aimed at those who prefer their steak well done. Another TikTok user chimed in, saying, "Laughing my [butt] off, nah they got it right."

However, some agreed with Sonique's take on rare steak, like one person who commented, "Rare steak should be banned too. You might end up with worms." Some folks sided with the restaurant's view on well-done steak because, well, facts. One user joked, "Order chicken had me laughing."

Image Source: @soniquespeaks | TikTok
Image Source: @soniquespeaks | TikTok

In response to concerns about getting sick from rare steak, another TikToker explained, "You can have rare steak because bacteria can't go deep into the meat. Cooking it quickly on high heat kills off any bacteria. But ground beef needs to be cooked through because the outside and inside mix."

Tasting Table backed this up, saying that "most of the bacteria lives on the surface" of meat cuts. They added, "So when you order a rare filet mignon, is it safe? Generally, yes. According to Delighted Cooking, most bacteria on a steak is on its surface. While there's a chance some may have gone inside, it's unlikely to make you sick."

The report stated that rare steaks don't meet USDA safety standards and should not be consumed. A rare steak is cooked to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, 20 degrees below the safe temperature specified by the USDA. To make sure the meat reaches a safe internal temperature, it's crucial to use a meat thermometer. Even said, a lot of people still appreciate rare steak and or steak tartare. You can safely eat protein without worrying about contracting a foodborne illness as long as it is handled properly and is fresh.

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