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Guy Displays Weird Items From Goodwill Along With Their Outrageous Prices in Hilarious Video

"I can’t afford Goodwill, but I do enjoy checking out all of the incredible merchandise," he says sarcastically.
Cover Image Source: Guy displays weird overpriced Goodwill items | TikTok | @brianrichardsmith
Cover Image Source: Guy displays weird overpriced Goodwill items | TikTok | @brianrichardsmith

Goodwill, the popular thrift chain originally known for great offers and rare thrift finds is slowly changing to become expensive for the masses, sometimes even surpassing the prices of new items at Walmart or Target. A TikTok creator recently recorded his trip to a Goodwill store where appeared to be genuinely taken aback after taking a look at the store's pricing structure. In the video, Brian Richard Smith (@brianrichardsmith) sarcastically comments on the store and says, "I can’t afford Goodwill, but I do enjoy checking out all of the incredible merchandise."

TikTok | brianrichardsmith
TikTok | brianrichardsmith

He then goes on to narrate the trip from the beginning of the video which begins with him in the parking lot of the thrift store. "Even though I still haven't won the lottery, I visited two Goodwill stores today just to look around and dream," the sarcastic overlay text of the video reads. Stores like Goodwill are one of the places in the country where people head in hopes of saving some money. However, things have shifted due to several factors including inflation. "Check out some of the awesome crap I saw there, like a small bag of rocks for $2. You may think they look like average rocks you can find right outside your house and they are," Smith points out in the video. "This exclusive box of Kraft Mac and Cheese has a sell-by date of January 26th, 2024. These are very hard to find right now, so you collectors better hurry," he says, pointing at the expired product.

noxlynn | TikTok
noxlynn| TikTok

He then picks up the Mead notebook, and says, "This composition notebook would cost you $1 at Walmart, but remember, those aren't all beat up looking," showing that the product is completely damaged. He next shows a pack of Crayola crayons which sells for 99 cents outside but as Smith says, in the Goodwill boutique, you will pay $2.99. "Anglophiles will go crazy for this customized London-themed handbag which retails for $5," he says while painting the red bag. "And all you Bob Dylan fans will love this exclusive Goodwill edition of Blood on the Tracks," he says with an old CD of Bob Dylan in the frame.

Mohawk | TikTok
Mohawk| TikTok

"There's so much amazing stuff at Goodwill, but most of it's a little out of my price range, so I'm just gonna head out. Which you have bought any of this stuff?" he says at the end of the video after showing a few more junk items.

Many in the comment section seemed to agree with his sentiments, with one user @PinkPrettyPlantBased writing, "I genuinely, GENUINELY don't understand their pricing" while another user JerBear Studios thought that the MI handbag may be a collectible only to get a clarification from the OP who responded, "It’s someone’s homemade costume piece. It’s just a random red bag that someone put stickers and electrical tape on."

According to Casey Jones, founder and head of marketing and finance at CJ&CO, these unreasonable prices "can be attributed to several factors." "Firstly, the cost of operations — including rent, utilities, and wages — has increased over time. Secondly, the quality and brand of donated items can also influence pricing. High-end brands or items in excellent condition may be priced higher. Lastly, the demand for thrifted items has grown, especially among environmentally conscious consumers, which can drive up prices," she said.

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