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Meet the YouTuber Who Accepted a Special Challenge to Fly and Rate All US Airlines in One Week

Delve into this YouTuber's epic travel experiment as he rates every US airline for price, service, and comfort.
Cover Image Source: Picture of Eric Decker posing | Instagram | @airrack
Cover Image Source: Picture of Eric Decker posing | Instagram | @airrack

In recent years, a fresh social media trend has been making headlines i.e. YouTubers are taking on real-life challenges and posting their experience for their subscribers. Some of these challenges are risky while some demand quite some physical effort. These content creators are trying out some crazy stuff and filming it all for their fans to watch. Whether doing extreme sports or going on crazy trips, YouTubers are always looking to try something new and exciting. Recently, the popular YouTuber Eric Decker tried something amazing and posted a video on his channel attracting 1.7 million views. Let's have a look at what it is.

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Eric took the challenge of flying with every United States airline and recording all the experiences, per News 18. He did this for about a week and moved ahead intending to understand more about how air travel works in the US. Furthermore, the YouTuber made some strict rules that can enhance the flying experience for himself as well as the viewers. Firstly, he decided not to leave the airport boundaries until he had achieved the flying experience with that particular airline. His further goal was to purchase quality seats for his trip and the airlines were judged based on factors such as price, comfort, and service.

Just like every challenger, Eric, too, faced some setbacks in the starting when his first three flights got canceled or delayed. But he was adamant about sticking up to the challenge and said, "I’m ready to dedicate however many days of my life it takes to try every single airline in the country."

Eric constantly traveled with all the airlines despite the cancellations and reschedules. A few airlines made it to the top of the YouTuber's list getting a good rating. Spirit Airlines, popular for its economical air tickets, impressed Eric with a clean plane and friendly staff, earning a B-tier rating. Then came Frontier Airlines, which pretty much impressed the YouTuber; he particularly praised the services of a flight attendant and even gave her a gift card. Despite getting a front seat in Southwest Airlines, Eric rated them with a low C-tier rating because of the unnecessary long delays that hampered his experience. On the other hand, Endeavour Air managed to score the top A-tier rating despite being pricey.

Delta Airlines offered hugely comfortable seats, lounge access, and free food with numerous other luxuries but the flights were pretty expensive and hence, the airline got a low rating. Another airline, Horizon Air ruined the flying experience for Eric as their cabin was too hot, and on top of it, their ensuing cancellations made him give them an F-tier rating. Going further, Silver Airways also received an F-tier rating because of the major flight cancellations resulting in unworthy and deplorable experiences. After a week of constantly switching flights and gaining experience, he wished to return home and ended up booking a ticket with American Airlines. He finally gave up the seat to visit his mother and gave American Airlines an E-tier rating.