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Woman's Display Makeover at Thrift Stores Wows Shoppers, Sparks Online Excitement

Ellie Rose, a resident of England, took to the popular video-sharing platform to share a video in which she helps charity shops elevate their overall store design. 
Cover Image Source: Woman helps redesign thrift store displays | TikTok | @elll.rose
Cover Image Source: Woman helps redesign thrift store displays | TikTok | @elll.rose

Thrifting is a great choice as you can both save money and be sustainable. However, many of these charity stores do not pay much attention to the store design. So, this TikToker @elll.rose took it upon herself to try and elevate the display and improve the overall appeal of the charity shops. Ellie Rose, a resident of England, shared in a video how she helps charity shops elevate their overall store design.

"I was recently walking past some charity shops and I realized I think you guys might need just a little bit of help with some of the stylings so I thought I'm going to volunteer and ask a few shops if they want any help and lot of them said yes," she says. Next, she can be seen entering the store and going through some clothes.

TikTok |
TikTok | @elll.rose

She begins by going through some clothes after which she starts styling them in the British Heart Foundation store. "These are the two mannequins which were outside on the window. It's a really busy street as well. So many people are seeing these so we started taking apart the displays and moving things around," Rose says in the video. She then talks about how the store owner has asked her to put the best items on display, "To pull as many people in as we possibly can and this is everything that we had to work with."

mhn21219 | TikTok
mhn21219 | TikTok

After that, she started to style the mannequins with a brown trench coat as well as a fur coat. "We found a trench coat that I'm dressing the mannequin in now that we loved. We wanted to make that work somehow. And then this fur coat as well that was so beautiful. We had people take it from us while we were styling it," says Rose. Then, the owners and Rose started "styling this tiny little display inside with this gorgeous red scarf and this high-quality black blazer." "So hopefully this showed some people that buying second hand can be just as stylish as buying new," she adds in the video.

T1DmomChronicles | TikTok
T1DmomChronicles| TikTok

People in the comment section seemed to like the options that they often get in charity shops, with one user @Holly writing, "I love charity shop finds. Sometimes I find stuff and think to myself ‘Why would someone get rid of this?!’ Obv there are many reasons I’m sure, but wow" while another user @Emma writes, "I love this! I want to be able to dedicate some time to volunteering but I just don’t have time."

@elll.rose 📍British Heart Foundation - London Road, Brighton @Scarlett Elizabeth #charityshop #styling #sustainablefashion ♬ Twin Me - Get Mi

It also seemed like many in the comment section were people who have done the same thing sometime in their lives, "This was my favorite task to do when I was volunteering, and in the end, they were so impressed with how the mannequins turned out," writes @𝚠𝚎𝚕𝚜𝚑𝚋𝚊𝚛𝚋𝚒𝚎. In recent years, thrifting has gained momentum with the sale of used clothes expected to bring in around $77 million in the US by 2025.

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