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Coachella Food and Drink Prices Spark Outrage Among Attendees

Coachella attendees, including TikTok influencers, are appalled by the astronomical prices of food and drinks at the festival.
Cover Image Source: Coachella Festival | TikTok | @jackietanti
Cover Image Source: Coachella Festival | TikTok | @jackietanti

As the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival kicks off at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, attendees are buzzing not just about the music and surprise appearances, but also about the jaw-dropping prices of food and drinks at the event.

TikTok | @jackietanti
Image Source: TikTok | @jackietanti

Last year, TikToker Jackie Tanti (@jackietanti) made headlines when she revealed she paid a staggering $64 for two burritos and a coffee. This year, she shared a similar experience, shelling out the same hefty sum for a near-identical order. With ticket prices ranging from $499 to $599 (excluding fees), attendees are feeling the pinch as they navigate the pricey food and drink options.

One attendee shared a photo of a menu board showcasing eye-watering prices, with a single Absolut Vodka costing $17 and a double setting you back $28. Even a White Claw Hard Seltzer Black Cherry comes with a steep price tag of $16, while a Kim Crawford sauvignon blanc adds an extra $17 to your bill.

TikTok | @jackietanti
Image Source: TikTok | @jackietanti

The shocking prices have sparked debate online, with some users questioning the festival's pricing strategy and others attributing the high costs to broader economic trends. One user pointed out that food and drink prices are soaring across America, with taxes and tips adding 30 percent to the bill. With multiple pizza options available, festival-goers encountered absurdly long lines and hefty price tags, such as $11 per slice for pizzas with various toppings.

Similarly, a booth advertising "loaded grilled cheese" options disappointed patrons when they discovered that the only additional toppings available were bacon for $6 extra or tomato for $4 extra, resulting in a $16 grilled cheese sandwich served on mediocre bread.

The disappointment continued with lukewarm $14 onion rings and $12 crinkle-cut fries, both lacking in temperature and quality.

While the $17 chicken tenders proved to be basic yet enjoyable, the accompanying $13 "sumo dog" topped with wasabi relish, spicy mayo, and minced onion raised eyebrows, especially considering its hefty $18 price tag for a Japanese-inspired hot dog named "The Godzilla." Another booth offered Chinese food, including an orange chicken bowl priced at $17, consisting of orange chicken and white rice.

Moreover, a cup of coffee was priced at $15 for an oat milk latte and $10 for a small cup of black coffee. Even a large cup of strawberry lemonade came with a steep price tag of just over $18.

TikTok | @jackietanti
Image Source: TikTok | @jackietanti

On TikTok, reactions to the exorbitant prices at Coachella were varied. User @ANJ | PILATES & NYC sparked the discussion by questioning if the expenses were worth it, prompting mixed responses. @Jocy expressed shock, deeming the prices "criminal" while @Rue chimed in with a humorous take, questioning the correlation between capitalism and the festival's prices, adding, "If we were communists, you wouldn’t even be at Coachella!? Are you brain dead?"

On the other hand, @Gianna Gargaro voiced concern over the hefty bill, exclaiming, "$64 ?! I’m so screwed."

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