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Deep Das Barman

Deep Das Barman

About Author

Deep is a media professional who has an immense interest in science, technology, and sports. He enjoys writing on diverse subjects and is always excited to explore new domains. He has been crafting stories in the finance beat for over 2 years. In his free time, Deep enjoys listening to music, playing his Ukelele, or going around petting dogs. He/him

Area of Interest

Deep is intrigued by how the world works and he strives to learn something new every day. Having worked in marketing, he has an interest in advertising and social media marketing. Deep also enjoys learning and playing new stringed instruments and reading about geopolitical history.


Deep has a B.A.Hons degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from The Times School of Media, Bennett University.

Previous Experiences

Deep has previously worked in digital marketing agencies like Youngun and Rockettech before starting his stint as a writer with Storytailors. At Storytailors he curated stories on business, the Indian economy, and a range of topics within the financial beat.

Shopper Accidentally Discovers Walmart’s Alleged Checkout Trick to Promote Memberships

The customer in a video explained how Walmart is pressuring customers into "downloading the app and getting the membership".
7 hours ago

Two Chinese Nationals Charged for Allegedly Laundering $73 Million Through Pig Butchering Scams

Li and Zhang allegedly instructed co-conspirators in their laundering network to open bank accounts in the names of various shell companies.
9 hours ago

After Trying to Oust Sam Altman, OpenAI Co-founder Launches His 'Safe' Venture

After the dramatic leadership shuffle that saw Altman fired, rehired, and the complete overhaul of the board, Sutskever regretted his role
1 day ago

Visa, Mastercard Turn To Generative AI To Combat Fraud; Here's How It Works

The use of Artificial Intelligence has become increasingly common in the Fintech space.
1 day ago

This couple turned their dream of a quaint cafe into a multimillion-dollar business

What started as a small cafe, brought in sales worth $47.2 million across 34 locations last year.
1 day ago

Here's how to use the 1% rule of real estate to find out if a property will generate cash flow

Austin Rutherford shares some crucial advice for people investing in properties.
2 days ago

Disney employees who relocated for work asked to return after project cancellation, now they're suing

The employees who relocated for the Lake Nona Project claim the Disney's action caused them distress
2 days ago

Survival food kit scam? Online creator sparks debate on emergency preparedness

According to the creator, the food in the kits aren't nearly worth the money people pay for.
3 days ago

Renaissance-era Titian masterpiece found at London bus stop could sell for $32 million

The Titian masterpiece that depicts Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus has an incredible history.
3 days ago

Cost of living, debt and inflation among top concerns for women in 2024 elections

The AARP’s poll found that most women are dissatisfied with the country’s political leaders, and nearly half or 48% are worried about the upcoming election.
3 days ago

How Telehealth Execs Engineered a $100 Million Fraud Scheme That Gave Easy Access To Adderall

Done Global, an online telehealth website, became popular during the pandemic for serving as an online portal to obtain Adderall by paying a monthly subscription fee.
4 days ago

Apple Allegedly Paid Women Less Than Men for Similar Work, Now They Are Suing It for Discrimination

If Apple loses, the company could owe thousands in back pay to 12,000 current and former female employees.
4 days ago

How This Woman Transforms Paydays into Budgeting Gold

The creator explains in detail how she compartmentalizes her income to avoid overspending while keeping her goals in check.
4 days ago

Woman Claims She Got No Help From Wells Fargo After Losing $25,000 in Bank Impersonation Scam

She says the scam started when she got a call from an 800 number which appeared to be from Wells Fargo.
5 days ago

Employee Finds a Genius Opportunity To Get Back At Toxic Boss: Internet Is Impressed

The ex-employee found an official way to bombard their boss with 100+ emails and calls in a day.
5 days ago

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour Sends Shockwaves Through UK Economy with Predicted $1 Billion Boost

Taylor Swift’s sold-out concerts in Edinburgh, Scotland also triggered earthquake readings for nearly up to four miles away from the show’s venue
6 days ago

MS-13, Russian Mobsters Forcing Immigrants into Dangerous Surgeries in Multi-Million Dollar Scam

The fake injury scams are driving up insurance premiums, adding to the cost of living crisis.
6 days ago

Understanding the AI Trend 'Shadow IT' That Boosts Careers, But Poses Challenges for Companies

Shadow IT may seem to benefit workers but it poses significant risks to organizations.
7 days ago

Baggage Handler Warns Travelers Against Tying Ribbons, Other Identifiers On Luggage; Here's Why

The Dublin airport employee said that ribbons can ultimately cause delays
Jun 16, 2024