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Rishitha Boddu

Rishitha Boddu

About Author

Rishitha, a graduate in political studies with a profound enthusiasm for diverse content creation. With a comprehensive background in writing and editing across varied domains such as finance, infotainment, news, sports, and EdTech, she have effectively spearheaded teams of writers, editors, and designers, driving successful content marketing strategies. Of particular note is their core interest in finance, compelling to deliver insightful and comprehensive coverage.

Area of Interest

She finds joy in reading books and scrolling through interesting websites. Rishitha has got a knack for dancing, moving to the rhythm of life. But what really makes her heart sing is Western vocals. She loves singing and is on a journey to master the art.


Rishitha is a graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Liberal Arts, specializing in Political Studies from Karanavati University, India.

Previous Experiences

Currently serving as a writer for Market Analyst, Shee's professional journey includes a significant role as a Content Editor at Kidadl. In her current capacity, she skillfully tailored content for diverse audiences, excelling in tasks like editing on Strapi, ensuring quality control, and meeting stringent publishing deadlines. Her previous experience at INSPIREBITS showcased her versatility, contributing to an interior décor company. Additionally, she demonstrated dedication as a Teaching Professional at Qin1, honing her skills in English communication and public speaking.

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