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Sunayna Kanjilal

Sunayna Kanjilal

About Author

Sunayna loves researching and writing about all topics under the sun. She is an avid FPS gamer and spends much of her free time playing Riot's Valorant. When Sunayna is not online, she likes jamming to 'The Beatles' which provides her with a sense of solace, especially when trying to make sense of the world around her. She/Her.

Area of Interest

She is an avid gamer and also loves getting lost in the world built by great authors like, J.R.R Tolkein and G.R.R Martin. When not working you can find her playing tug with her dog, Willy.


Bachelor's Degree in Mass Communication and Advertisement from National Instititute of Mass Communication, New Delhi, India.

Previous Experiences

She has an experience of close to 1.5 years. She is currently working as a writer for Market Analyst and has worked for pages like, TriniKid,and Inquisitr in the past.

How a College Dropout Went From $500 to Half a Billion in 5 Years

Fogarty struggled for a while and says that he felt a "deep feeling of shame" at that point in his life when he was simply not working hard enough and doing well.
3 hours ago

Big Drop Expected in Student Loan Bills Soon; Here's Why

A feature of the Biden administration’s latest income-driven repayment plan promises to reduce millions of borrowers’ monthly payments.
1 day ago

Popular Tourist Destination in China Leaves Visitors on the Clock with Toilet Timers

A set of timers has been installed above a row of toilet cubicles in a female washroom.
1 day ago

Actor Freddie Smith's $7,100 Monthly Expenses Breakdown Shocks Internet; Too Much or Just Right?

Smith says that there are other costs that bring this total closer to $8,000.
2 days ago

Tech Titans Satya Nadella, Shantanu Narayen and Others Invest in American Cricket Story

Other cricket investors include Madrona Venture Group, and executives from Google, as well as Iconic Ventures. 
2 days ago

K-Pop Videos, Dramas: South Korea's Response To Trash-Filled Balloons From N Korea

This came after North Korea sent balloons filled with trash, fertilizer, and other waste across the border.
2 days ago

Walmart Announces Bonuses For Hourly Workers, Training Programs to Fill High-Demand Roles

The chain has set a goal to help fast-track Walmart and Sam's employees into approximately 100,000 in-demand jobs that it expects to fill over the next three years.
3 days ago

Google Makes At Least 100 Job Cuts Across Cloud Unit: Report

The company internally announced last week about their cloud cuts with roles being eliminated in sales, consulting, and more.
4 days ago

Here’s Why Americans Love Real Estate When It Comes to Investing for the Long Term

Around 36% of the vote favored buying property, which was followed by stocks and mutual funds coming in at 22%.
5 days ago

From Poor Immigrant Family Roots to Building a Successful IT Firm, How Robert Herjavec Made it Big

Herjavecis is also known for being one of the founding sharks on ABC's Shark Tank, where he is often seen showing great business advice. 
6 days ago

Workers Fret Using AI Will Brand Them 'Lazy' and 'Frauds' as Employers Snooze on Training

In the US, 57% of workers are using generative AI tools weekly which has risen from 46% just nine months ago.
6 days ago

From Bias to Systemic Challenges, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Flags AI Risks in Finance

Insufficient or faulty data could also perpetuate or introduce new biases in financial decision-making, she warned.
Jun 7, 2024

Eye in the Aisles: TJ Maxx Turns To Police-Style Body Cams to Tackle Shoplifting Surge

The industry term used to describe these losses is "shrink" and the overall shrink surpassed an astounding $112 billion.
Jun 7, 2024

Sharp-Eyed Server Halts Dine and Dashers' Escape Over $100 Tab

In this video, the TikToker says, "If you are the two girls that tried walking out on your hundred-dollar tab yesterday, f*ck you."
Jun 6, 2024

Landlord Sues Influencer Collective Hype House For Causing $300,000 in Damages to His Property

TikTok stars Thomas Petrou, Cole Hudson, Mia Hayward, Calvin Goldby, Patrick Huston, and Nicholas Austin are being sued by the landlord in this lawsuit.
Jun 4, 2024

Man Stumbles Upon Rare Gold Record for $20 at Thrift Store; It Might Go For Hundreds

Gold records are extremely valuable with the highest price for a gold record being $91,000, which a Beatles fan forked out for a plaque of "Hey Jude."
Jun 3, 2024

You Can Make North of $4000 Monthly by Reselling Thrift Clothes; Here’s How This Woman Does It

Riegel is a 23-year-old mental health speaker and coach who runs a Poshmark closet and flips fashion-related products online.
Jun 2, 2024

5 Steps You Should Take If You Have Spent Your Pandemic Savings

So if you are one of those Americans whose savings are towards the end, then here are some ways to get you going this year.
Jun 2, 2024

Woman Shares 5 Things to Do in College for a Financially Secure 20s

This TikTok user took to the popular video-sharing platform to talk about the five things she did at the age of 18 to become financially stable at 23.
Jun 1, 2024

Woman Becomes Millionaire by 20 After Listing Rented Properties on Airbnb; Leaves Netizens Stunned

When asked how it happened, she said how it still feels "unreal" and she doesn't know if she has "fully processed" the whole thing. 
May 31, 2024