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Vallari Vaidya

Vallari Vaidya

About Author

Vallari is a writer with a passion for exploring awesome stories. She enjoys crafting content and occasionally being in front of the camera too. During her leisure time, Vallari can be found relaxing with Netflix, being with her friends, blasting music, cooking pasta, or even scouting locations for her potential upcoming workation.

Area of Interest

While she is a content writer by profession, she is also a creator by passion. A cat lover who often dreams to adopt one, she stress cleans, loves trying new cuisines and often trekking too!


Vallari has a Bachelor's degree in commerce from Somaiya College Mumbai

Previous Experiences

She has around 3 years of experience previously as a operations and social media manager and is now working with Market Analyst and has written over 100+ stories

Is Your Money Slipping Away? These 8 Tips Might Help You Save

In a fun and relatable TikTok video, Erika Kullberg shares 8 things she stopped buying to save money
10 hours ago

Google to roll out AI-powered scam detection tools for Android phones soon

Google at the recent Google I/O 2024 annouced an inbuilt scam protector within Gemini that will work offline too!
2 days ago

Side Hustle Genius Reveals How He Generates Passive Income by Renting Out Websites

This TikTok user's secret weapon is building simple, one-to-five-page websites targeted towards local businesses.
5 days ago

Woman Frustrated With How Personal Branding on LinkedIn Has Become Crucial to Land Job Offers

She highlights the feeling of being trapped in a system that seems more concerned with appearances than qualifications.
5 days ago

Woman's Bid for Bargain Airfare by Buying Tickets At Airport Backfires: 'It's Much Cheaper Online!'

An internet tip suggested buying airplane tickets at the airport is cheaper than online; a TikTok user tested it and was surprised by the outcome.
6 days ago

Tipping Fatigue is Real but is Chasing Down Skippers the Answer? (Probably Not!)

Manager tracks down diners, refuses to let them leave without tipping the server
7 days ago

‘Is Water Free Here?’ Woman Charges Boyfriend Rent For Staying Over On Weekends

Malle explained, "He stays over on weekends, and I still charge my fee. I mean are the services here free?"
7 days ago

Your Boss Might Be Pocketing Your PTO; Lawyer Exposes Sneaky Schemes

Your boss might be pulling a fast one with your PTO, says the expert and shares tips to stay safe!
7 days ago

Stanley Quencher Cup Craze Intensifies with New Color Options Flying Off Shelves

Buyers are obsessed with the new color options  — mist (light green), peony (pink), and nectarine (orange)
Jun 16, 2024

This $4 Thrift Store Find Turned Out To Be an Omega Seamaster Luxury Watch; Internet Is Amazed

These high-end watches, often linked to James Bond, usually sell for thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.
Jun 15, 2024

Here’s Where The World’s Top 0.001% Stash Their Cash

Salvatore Buscemi, CEO of Dandrew Partners, notes, "They avoid quick wealth schemes and assets that lack liquidity."
Jun 14, 2024

Laid-Off Indian-Origin Engineer In US Told He's Being Replaced By Low-Cost 'Indians In India'

“If you keep me, I’m already Indian. We can replace the others with my friends,” he suggested to the company, even offering to move to India if needed.
Jun 12, 2024

5 Ways to Pay Off Credit Card Debt Before Interest Rates Go Up

New research suggests that there may be a credit card debt crisis as more Americans miss payments and use their cards to the limit.
Jun 10, 2024

Woman Reveals How Uber Commute Eats up Most of Her Paycheck; Netizens Relate

"Me after spending $100 on Ubers to go to work," she wrote, "and profiting $30."
Jun 10, 2024

Laid Off and Unstoppable, Here's How Herman Lay Built the Billion-Dollar Lay’s Empire

Recognizing the value of convenience and freshness, Lay made use of new packaging innovations to keep his chips crispy and his consumers satisfied.
Jun 9, 2024

11-Year-Old Makes $100 Profit From a $10 Thrift Store Find

This girl has learned tricks from watching her parents make extra money by selling used stuff on eBay.
Jun 6, 2024

How This Kentucky Family Won Over $200,000 in Lottery Prizes Within 3 Months

In a May 13 blog post, the daughter Starla claimed a $150,438.47 win while participating in the online "Merry Money Bonus Jackpot Instant Play" game.
Jun 5, 2024

Here are Major Names in Tech & E-Commerce That Scammers Frequently Use as Bait

“These people are ruthless. They will destroy a person financially,” said Steve, who lost $80,000 by falling for a scam impersonating PayPal.
Jun 4, 2024

Guy Stresses on Having Good Spending Habits; ‘Lifestyle Creep’ Can Fast Deplete a 6-Figure Salary

The video argues that chasing a high income without addressing spending habits can leave you feeling perpetually broke.
Jun 3, 2024

Is Digital Tipping Convenient for Everyone? Viral Video Sparks Fresh Debate on Tipping Culture

In the video, the creator showed how Gelato Fiasco in Old Port, Maine uses a digital device to request gratuities.
Jun 1, 2024